Akshay Chandel :One shot director from Himachal

Akshay Chandel Himachal Pradesh
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Akshay Chandel is now looking forward to making a full-length feature film

Akshay Chandel, a lad from the land of Sarkaghat in Mandi has been doing things which are even hard for a well-reputed director and that too even without any formal training. This resident of Shimla has been honoured by many awards and recognition but he believes there is more to come. A hard-working and humble human being, Akshay Chandel takes us to his journey so far. We Are Himachali Presents, an interview with Akshay Chandel.Akshay Chandel Himachal Pradesh

  • Firstly can you give us a detailed introduction of yourself? Where you come from, what is your background, who is in your family?

Well! I am originally from Sarkaghat (Mandi), but I am born and brought up in Shimla. I have a small family, am residing with my parents and an elder brother.

  • How did a small town boy become such good in the art of filmmaking? Had you taken any formal training beforehand? Tell us about the beginning, how it all started?

No, I haven’t taken any sort of training, nor it was my dream to be a filmmaker instead of that I dreamt of to become a singer, it was my passion (think still it is) till 6th std. I use to participate in music and singing competition, apart from that in sports also, after that in 8th std. I made the first short film, named “humanity”. From there onwards I got into this art and filmmaking thing.

  • The 2 hours movie which was made in just one shot, how did you pull that off? What were the challenges you faced?

Um.. I watched a Hollywood feature film which has an intro part of 7-8min in one shot, from there I got this idea of 2hours in one shot film. At an initial stage, I faced some challenges as, bad weather, the DSLR which I had wasn’t that capable, then I went for the search of a high-quality camera which can record up to 2hours without any flaw or break. But all is well that ends well.

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  • Recently your movies have been nominated and even won in national and international film festivals. How does it feel? Do you think you have reached where you wanted to?

Ya.. it does really feel good and influential to go far in this, so I won’t say I have reached the pinnacle. I see a long journey ahead, these awards are just starting of my career, there are more in the way to come (hope so).

  • What is coming in future? What are your further plans?

Well! I am looking forward to the making of feature films, apart from that I might get into writing thing as a writer, probably novel writer. And ya.. most importantly I am working on platform such as organizing events and contest for the betterment of our states upcoming talent, in this their skills and talent will be polished and good opportunities will be provided.

  • Movies in Himachal are still in sham. What, in your views could change the landscape of Himachali cine industry, if it ever could?

In my opinion, I would like to say that the Himachal (Govt) ministry should help this industry by making some threaters both in urban and rural areas on which at least domestic movies could be shown, apart from that an association or committee should be created for Himachali artists, directors, other professionals of the industry. I think an individual or group can’t change this alone we need the government support.

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Akshay Chandel Himachal Pradesh

  • Who are your favourite directors/ actors from both Hollywood and Bollywood?

In Bollywood I like the work of directors Rajkumar Hirani and Imtiaz Ali, in Hollywood, Peter Jackson and Mark Stevens-Johnson, there is a director from Tollywood also “Vikram Kumar” and writer of Drishyam movie, Upendra Sidhaye.

  • As you have reached a certain milestone, was the journey smooth, who were the people behind your success and who inspired you.

A person who don’t belong to cinema background, don’t have a smooth journey and so is in my case but I stayed determined and after falling down I stood up again and again, will keep this spirit till I reach to the saturation.

And the people who were with me both at the time of my success and failure, is my elder brother “Ashish Chandel” and there is one of my best friend, can’t disclose her name, she always motivated and supported me. Coming on inspiration, that I actually get from my critics, who always help me prove my capabilities through their challenges and criticism.

  • Before we sign off, can you put some light on what is coming next?

As I told you earlier, planning to make a feature film.

  • Finally, your message for everyone reading this article, especially young upcoming talents of Himachal Pradesh..Akshay Chandel Himachal Pradesh

First of all, I would like to wish good luck for those who are looking forward to work in such industry, would like to share a golden rule which I follow “never take your talent and work, which you get through it, casually, also try to enjoy your work, make your talent your happiness not a burden, at the time of work be determined and be an examiner of your own, so that you find your flaws on your own  and correct them. There is no other teacher as good as you to teach you. I would also suggest guys that whenever they get any project, they should treat it with energy and enthusiasm.

Let’s celebrate and feel proud of our own Akshay Chandel who is. despite having no formal training of filmmaking is making good films and winning accolades all over the nation for himself and his home state of Himachal Pradesh.

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