BBRT Sharma new song would make you miss Himachal Pradesh

BBRT Sharma Himachal Pradesh
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BBRT Sharma “Auna Himachale Yo” would make you miss your home, A LOT!!

BBRT Sharma has come up with the track that would make all the Himachali, outside Himachal Pradesh, miss their home. “Auna Himachale Yo” is a pahadi composition with modern music with awesome lyrics. We Are Himachali presents an interview with the man behind this beautiful song: BBRT Sharma, his journey so far and talks about what’s coming next! Read and share. Let’s support our state’s talent.

  • Firstly for our audience, kindly give a brief introduction about yourself.BBRT Sharma Himachal Pradesh
First of all, a big thanks to We Are Himachali Team for having me.
My Name is  BBRT Sharma. I am a musical artist and can sing, compose, write lyrics and produce music. I am born in Amritsar, Punjab but basically, I am a Himachali from village Jarot (town Nagrota Surian) in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh. In My Family, I have my mother and I have an elder sister who is married in Amritsar, Punjab. My father left for his heavenly abode a year ago.
  • BBRT! this must be your stage name. Can you share why or how did you adopt this name?
Yeah, you are right sir, BBRT Sharma is my stage name. My real name is Rohit Sharma. There is a small story behind it. When I started my career as a musical artist, I produced some hip-hop beats. Just about then, I thought having a stage name would be better, hence I adopted the stage name, BBRT Sharma.
  • You recorded your first song in 2014 but released it in 2018, why is that?
Actually, I released my first song in 2012 named “uncontrol heart”, it was a Punjabi R&B Song. But I composed my first Himachali pahadi song in 2014 called “Maaye Ni Meriye 2”, but due to lacking finances and digital promotion, I was not able to release it then. But I did not give up and after 4 years, in 2018, I released it (as Lyrical Video) on YouTube.

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  • You could have released the song in any other language with a wider audience, why only pahadi language which has a limited audience?
BBRT Sharma Himachal PradeshYeah I agree. Pahadi music audience ratio is limited as compared to other languages. But I wish to  promote Himachali Music on an international level but it’s not possible through my effort’s only.  So I appeal all Himachali musical artists to keep striving and making unique and mature music for Himachali Zone in Himachali languages.
  • How was your journey so far, who are the people who kept you motivated?
Good Question Sir, actually I am active in the music industry from past 7 Years. I faced my fair share of problem pursuing my musical aspirations. Sometimes it was upsetting. But I never gave up, thanks to the inspiration of my father. He supported me in every situation. Other supportive people in my life include my mother Mrs. Sharda Sharma, my sister Mrs Shailja Shama and my Cousins Pankesh, Arun, Atul, Pankaj and my friend, Diksha Singh Last but not the least my audience and my fans, without them, I am nothing.
  • Your latest song sounds like dedication to mother, any story behind that?

Yeah, You can say that, but my latest song “Auna Himachale Yo” is also dedicated to my all young fans and friends.
There is a story behind the making of this song. One day I was sitting alone in my house when this thought struck. A lot of us, Himachali, goes out in big cities for pursuing their careers, I wished to make a song which describes their plight, the result is in front of you.
  • What is coming next?
I  am working on my upcoming Himachali & Punjabi projects. The release dates, as of now, are not confirmed.
  • Finally, any message for the people who support and listen to your creations?
Thanks to all my listener and fans for supporting me. I  appeal to all youngsters to STAY AWAY FROM ALL KIND OF DRUGS. Thank you.
To get in touch with BBRT Sharma, you can Follow him on Instagram by CLICKING HERE and also follow him on Facebook by CLICKING HERE

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