Districts of Himachal Pradesh : A minor introduction to all districts

Districts of Himachal Pradesh: Some quick facts to remember USEFUL FOR UPSC, HPAS, HAS, HIMACHAL ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES , GOVERNMENT EXAMS IN HIMACHAL PRADESH, HIMACHAL GK ASPIRANTS District in Himachal... Read more »

Captain Vikram Batra : A Soldier who became a legend – We Are Himachali

Captain Vikram Batra: Remembering the legend on his death anniversary Captain Vikram Batra : It was dark and cold. The men crawled, quietly. A wrong move could take them... Read more »

Paramvir Chakra ( PVC ) Winners from Himachal Pradesh – We Are Himachali

Paramvir Chakra is the highest military decoration in India Paramvir Chakra is the highest wartime gallantry medal for officers and other enlisted personnel of all military branches of India... Read more »

20 Important questions for NT and HAS (mock test 1)

20 Important questions for NT and HAS Mock Test 1 1. Which country has the briefest Constitution in the world? USA 2. Which petroleum refinery product has the lowest... Read more »

हिमाचल प्रदेश के बारह जिलो के प्रमुख मन्दिर

हिमाचल प्रदेश के बारह जिलो के प्रमुख मन्दिर हिमाचल को प्राचीन काल से ही देव भूमि के नाम से संबोधित किया गया है।यदि हम ये कहें कि हिमाचल देवी... Read more »

Answer key of HP Allied 29 April 2018

#ANSWERKEY: HP allied Answer key 2018 #HPPSCAllied Subordinate Services Exam 29 April 2018 Question Answer allied Answer key 2018 1 Which of the following pairs are correctly matched Lucknow:... Read more »

All you need to know about history of Chamba

All you need to know about history of Chamba Conclusion of History of Chamba: Let’s talk about that district which is second highest as per area after Lahaul and... Read more »

Himachal 360 is now available on amazon

Himachal 360 is an initiative by Helios Coachings Himachal 360 is an attempt to help HAS Mains aspirants in their quest for breaking into interview round. Challenge is to... Read more »

HPAS TEST SERIES – Sample paper (Mini) – June 24th 2017

HPAS TEST SERIES Team we are Himachali presents to it’s reader the daily questions on HPGK from HPAS ( Himachal Pradesh Administrative services 2017) Prep. Go through them and... Read more »

Today Current Affairs 12th June 2017

Short notes for Today’s news: 12th June Legendary poet and essayist, Haraprasad Das felicitated with covetous  Kalinga Literary award Shashikant Kutwal won Gold medal at 17th World individual Chess... Read more »