Humanity or Religion OR Humanity and Religion

religion- maryam siddiqui

Humanity is our religion RELIGION what is a religion? what is humanity? Keeping it simple, I would say that every religion teaches the kindness and humanity. According to me, Religion is the synonym of Humanity. And those who don’t understand this are ignorant about the real meaning of life. There is a symbol known as ‘yin-yang’ in Chinese philosophy. Yin and Yang, these two are opposite yet complimentary energies. They cannot exist without each other.   Read this beautiful article on MOTHERHOOD. In this world, every thing has two aspects:…

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Miss India 2017 : Audition to take place soon in Himachal

Miss India 2017 Auditions

Miss India 2017 regional auditions in all state will start in June 2017 Miss India 2017 :Miss India is a prestigious crown to have on your head. Ever since it’s launch the title has produced many women who had been very successful in modelling and acting line later in their career. This year’s Miss India auditions are here. From June, the nationwide state level competition will take place in different states. So buckle up all the beauty queens who are interested to be NEXT BIG THING in the field of…

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RK Vines – “When you are pahadi” goes viral

RK Vines, Comedy, humor , Himachal pradesh, Vines

Rakshit wanted to create a vine especially for his friends from mountains and thus this viral video came out Life is a struggle when you are from mountains. Not because you have bad atmosphere to live in but because you have many friends from plains who have these curious minds which are filled with “ajeeb-o-garib” questions like- “Tumahre ghar pahad pr kaise tikte hain” You might have encountered few of such incidents. So Rakshit thought of making a video to which people of himachal Pradesh can relate and here it…

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Pahari Natti in Elante Mall – A delight to see our culture

Himachali, Nati, Natti, Pahari, Pahadi, Dance, Folkdance

Pahadi Natti : Himachali Natti is the folk dance of upper Shimla Area and is indispensable from Himachali culture Natti is not just a folk dance, it’s more of a connection we have with our home. t’s our culture which has survived over the years and evolving with each passing day. No matter how trendy we become but this remains in our blood and keeps giving us goosebumps whenever we hear it in some place other than Himachal Pradesh. Click here to know the schedule of HGT 2017 Same such…

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Mrs. India Himachal Pradesh – Auditions starts from May 4th

Mrs. India, himachal Pradesh, Events, Himachal, Travel, Tourism,

Mrs India Himachal Pradesh will provide once ina lifetime oppertunity to all married women to represent their talent and state at national level “Mrs. India Himachal will not be judged on the base of beauty but will look for beauty with talent and capabilities.” said Mr. Kabir Shadan who will be one of the judge in the contest. Mrs. India Himachal is an initiative of Mrs. Jaz preet who herself is in Board of Directors of Mrs. India. While talking to the press, the organizers of the events told that…

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Kangan (cover) by Richa Sharma : Almost 50,000 hits in 15 days

Richa Sharma Kangan Jhoori Song Himachali Song Himachal Pradesh Travel

Kangan : Cover sung by Richa Sharma has garnered half a lakh hits in half a month. Kangan (Cover) ( by Richa Sharma) , a melodic pahadi song which expresses, feelings and emotions of a girl post her “Roka Ceremony”. The song was composed and wrote by S. Preetam Singh Ji and the cover is sung beautifully by Richa Sharma. The song cover was released on 12th of April 2017 and just in 15 days, it is approaching 50,000 hits. “This song is our small tribute to the great artist.”…

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Funny Slangs used by People in Himachal

Himachal pradesh, Himachali, Slangs, Travel, Culture, Himachal, Tourism

Beware asking for “Mathi’ in Mandi Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is widely known as Devbhoomi because of the abundance of temples and many mesmerising places. Surely it’s an abode of Gods. Every year many travellers and tourists come to Himachal Pradesh to find peace and cherish its mesmerising beauty. So we thought why not make them aware about the slang people use in Himachal. So presenting you the top slang used by the people of Himachal Pradesh with their meanings. Ter: Well, yes, in Himachal, we don’t get high or…

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Pahadiye Always Rocks : Perhaps the best Entertaining page from Himachal

Himachal Pradesh, education, entertainment , facebook

Pahadiye Always rocks have the honor to to be the fastest growing page of Himachal Pradesh. Pahadiye Always rocks!! Yeah ! We all will feel proud hearing this as we all come from this heaven called Himachal Pradesh. But today we are not talking about the things or propaganda, we are talking about a facebook page which is making every Himachali or I must say Pahadi go Rofl! The page is Pahadiye Always rocks and you can go to the page by clicking here : PAHADIYE ALWAYS ROCKS   As…

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Himachal Got Talent : Audition starts tomorrow

Himachal Pradesh, Event, Tourism, News

Himachal Got Talent will be the first TV show from Himachal Pradesh. “Himachal Got Talent has been conceived to provide a better stage for the youth of Himachal Pradesh, in Himachal Pradesh” said Naresh Kumar Koundal, one of the main organizer of the first of a kind event in Himachal. State President of the Promoters of Social and Cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh, (PSACH), Naresh was the leading figure and organizer of Himachal’s first comedy show – “Best Comedian of Himachal Pradesh” which took place last year. One of the finalist…

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