KLOL Star : First Viral Pranksters from Himachal Pradesh

kLOL Star

As we are writing this article, kLOL Star, on Youtube is yet to complete it’s six months but have 20,735 subscribers and 1,466,674 views kLOL Star ! Have you ever heard of them?If Yes! good, if No! Let us tell you who they are. There is no one in Himachal or around with this young channel and this much subscribers or views. What do they do?Well, they post prank videos on Youtube, but saying that will be like concluding their efforts and harwork without telling their story. Just for the records, they also…

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Manoj Thakur : मेरा जीवन देश और देशवासिओं के लिए समर्पित है. देश के लिए मरना पड़े तो भारत जैसे देश के लिए मैं हज़ारों-लाखों बार मरने को तैयार हूँ.

Manoj Thakur who got popularity by Poem which went viral on Social Media

Manoj Thakur speks about getting death threats from Pakistan, answers about if he would come into politics and much more Manoj Thakur : भारत सदैव से रणबांकुरों की भूमि रही है. महाराणा प्रताप, पृथ्वीराज चौहान जैसे न जाने कितने सपूत माँ भारती की एकता और अखंडता के लिए लड़े और वीरगति को प्राप्त हुए. हिमाचल का भी योगदान इस कड़ी में कहीं पीछे नही रहा. चाहे भारत के पहले परम वीर चक्र विजेता मेजर सोमनाथ शर्मा हों, या सौरभ कालिया और विक्रम बत्रा, हिमाचल का हर एक वीर भारत माँ…

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Prajwal Busta: The Youngest BDC Chairperson in India

Prajwal Busta : Youngest BDC Chairperson Of India

PRAJWAL BUSTA: The Youngest BDC Chairperson in INDIA Prajwal Busta, is full of commitment towards serving the society and she believes that a successful politician does not have convictions, he has emotions. She is the youngest BDC chairperson of India. She recently got felicitated at HT youth form, Young Achievers Award Top 30 Under 30 on 26th of May. And today we are introducing you to the youngest BDC (Block Development Committee) chairperson, Prajwal Busta who is full of emotions of service towards the society, people and nation. She is…

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Congress has a golden history of building India, it developed India and made it where it stands today in globe : Vinod Zinta

vinod Zinta Himachal Youth Congress general Secretary

Vinod Zinta is Himachal Pradesh Yuva Congress general secretary and a former National Secretary of NSUI Elections are soon to hit the state and Vinod Zinta, state secretary HPYC believes that people will take into consideration the development done by Congress to vote the party back to power. We, team- We Are Himachali, has started a new section of interviews about upcoming elections in the state and this is first of the series. Here today, we interact with Mr Vinod Zinta who is the state secretary of Himachal Pradesh Yuva Congress.…

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Meet Mrs India Himachal Classic: Kalpana Thakur

Kalpana Thakur: Mrs India Himachal Classic and a Social activist What do I say about this lady, Mrs Kalpana Thakur. she is so enthusiastic and positive. She is doing social work for many years and she also owns a business. She is an inspiration not only to the women but each human being. She participated in the Mrs India Himachal Pradesh and won the title of Mrs India Himachal Classic. Classic means something or someone of highest quality and outstanding and an epitome in his her field. She is such…

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Meet Priyanka Chadda Mehta: Mrs India Himachal Pradesh

mrs india himachal priyanka chadda

In talks with Priyanka Chadda Mehta – Mrs. India Himachal Pradesh Very first time most awakening show Mrs. India Himachal Pradesh was organised by an initiative of Mrs. Jaz Preet who herself is in Board of Directors of Mrs. India. While talking to the press, the organizers of the events told that this event is designed and organized to promote Himachali women, their talent and heritage and culture of Himachal Pradesh. In Himachal, this pageant was organized by Himachal Film City. And the very first crown of Mrs. India Himachal Pradesh is…

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Miss Himalaya 2016 and Miss Himachal 2017 2nd Runner-up: Ayushi Sethi

ayushi sethi

An interview with Ayushi Sethi: Miss Himalaya 2016 and second runner-up of Miss Himachal 2017 “I am no beauty queen. I am beautiful me.” This is what our Miss Himachal second runner up and the winner of Miss Himalaya 2016, Ayushi Sethi says. And yes! We all agree that Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and most importantly, a pretty soul. This girl is beautiful, calm, intelligent, career oriented, ambitious and a pretty soul.   Now, let us read about…

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Zephyr : A unique all girl band from Shimla Himachal


In talks with Zephyr : An all-girl band of girls from Bedes, representing Shimla Zephyr means a cool, calm breeze and so is their music. In this section today, we have interviewed Zephyr, a band from Shimla. But thats not all, the most unique thing about this band is that it is an all girl band. So without further ado, lets hear the story of three brave girls who are breaking all stereotypes, one step at a time with their band – Zephyr First of all, for our audience, we…

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Meet this beautiful and talented Miss Himachal 2017 First Runner-up : Rakhi Sharma

miss himachal 2017 first runner up

Rakhi Sharma: First Runner-up and Miss beautiful Smile Today we interviewed Miss Himachal First Runner-up, Rakhi Sharma, who also won the subtitle of Miss beautiful Smile. Not only she has a very beautiful smile but is beautiful in every aspect. So, let us read the interview of this gorgeous and talented Miss Himachal 2017 First Runner-up. Hello, we request you to introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Rakhi Sharma. I belong to Nankhari, Rampur Bushahar in Shimla district. I have done my schooling from Rampur and then I went…

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An inspirational tale of hardwork of Miss Himachal 2017: Shaweta Sharma

Miss Himachal 2017- Shaweta Sharma

In conversation with Miss Himachal 2017 : Shaweta Sharma This stunning beauty from Una not only won the coveted crown but conquered the hearts as well. Her honesty and hard work is pretty impressive. She believes that you attract what you think. Exclusive interview of Miss Himachal 2017 where she talks about her journey and her future plans. Thanks for your time, we request you to give a brief introduction to our readers. My name is Shaweta Sharma. My hometown is Una, Himachal Pradesh and currently, I live in Delhi.…

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