Sukant Pal: International faculty of Art of living

Sukant pal chauhan - wearehimachali

Sukant Pal: International faculty of Art of living Sukant Pal Chauhan is an art of living’s international faculty. Leader is the one who creates leaders and here is one example with us. Transforming the life of thousands of individuals. A serene personality with intelligent mind and a compassionate heart. Today we are going to know a little more about this exemplary individual from Himachal Pradesh. He is an ultimate teacher and the international faculty of Art Of Living. Art of Living is a NGO, you all must have heard about,…

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Encourage young girls to be independent and self sufficient : Marisha Kaul


Exclusive interview with Marisha Kaul : Gladrags Mrs. India North 2017 A Studious being, a topper student, a scholarship bearer, a doctor & a loving family.What more could one possibly ask for but Dr. Marisha Kaul did not stop with just this. She had bigger dreams and she dared to follow them. Crowned as Gladrags Mrs India North 2017, Dr. Marisha Kaul is perfect example of beauty with brains.  A native of Kullu, she has brought Kullu and Himachal a great name and pride after her win. Here is an…

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Vacancies-Hillywood Studio : Opportunity for You

Vacancies-hillywood studio

Vacancies-Hillywood Studio : Opportunity for You Vacancies-Hillywood studio/jobs/ vacancies/ management/ social media management/ requirement/ Himachal/ Uttarakhand/ Business associates/ hillywood studio/ magazines/ content writing/ entertainment/ fashion/ Opportunities- Requirement in Hillywood Studio Hello friends, Hillywood Studios Team has requirement for various posts. This is a great opportunity to those people who want to work in the field of Management. We are working in Himachal and organising events since 2004. Our mission is to educate, aware and entertain our audience mostly on the regional subjects. While on the other hand we also wish to share the stories from all around the world. Vacancies-Hillywood…

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MANUJ WALIA: “Dil se kabhi Himachal nikla hi nahin”

Manuj walia - wearehimachali

MANUJ WALIA: “Dil se kabhi Himachal nikla hi nahin” Manuj Walia, a well established actor from Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Manuj Walia is passionate about acting and loves acting …..only. He is a very polite and positive and helpful person. He says that acting is very colorful and I am lucky that I’m an actor. Let’s know more about him. Please introduce yourself to our readers. Manuj Walia is my name. And Solan is my birthplace. I did my schooling from Sunny Hours (lovely school it was) and then I went to…

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Siddharth Chauhan : A journey of a lad from Shimla to critically acclaimed director

Siddharth Chauhan Independent filmmaker from Shimla Himachal

Siddharth Chauhan : From Peace is nowhere to Pashi: His journey in his words Siddharth Chauhan is a well-known name among the acting circle of Himachal Pradesh. A young 25 years old director Siddharth Chauhan has been making one short film every year since 2012 and has brought laurels to himself and his state. Born in Renuka Sirmaur, Siddharth Chauhan ‘s offbeat movies has earned critical acclaim across countries. A recipient of Golden Halo Award and Youth Achiever Award, Siddharth is ready for more. Recently his film ‘Pashi’ qualified for Oscar qualifying film festival :…

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I love being in Himachal and it plays a major part in my music making : Deepak Rathore Lead singer of band Deepak Rathore Project

Deepak Rathore Project

After success of Shimla Tha Ghar and Suna Pada, Deepak Rathore is ready to drop a new album Deepak Rathore is a young singer-songwriter from India. He strives to write music that can inspire people, through tales of struggle, love, and all that lies in between. He was recently listed as the Top 50 most prominent bands in the country by Sennheiser. Awarded as a youth icon by Himachal Pradesh University.The Last two single released crossed a million mark on Youtube. The Complete album is on the way now. So here…

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KLOL Star : First Viral Pranksters from Himachal Pradesh

kLOL Star

As we are writing this article, kLOL Star, on Youtube is yet to complete it’s six months but have 20,735 subscribers and 1,466,674 views kLOL Star ! Have you ever heard of them?If Yes! good, if No! Let us tell you who they are. There is no one in Himachal or around with this young channel and this much subscribers or views. What do they do?Well, they post prank videos on Youtube, but saying that will be like concluding their efforts and harwork without telling their story. Just for the records, they also…

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Manoj Thakur : मेरा जीवन देश और देशवासिओं के लिए समर्पित है. देश के लिए मरना पड़े तो भारत जैसे देश के लिए मैं हज़ारों-लाखों बार मरने को तैयार हूँ.

Manoj Thakur who got popularity by Poem which went viral on Social Media

Manoj Thakur speaks about getting death threats from Pakistan, answers about if he would come into politics and much more Manoj Thakur : भारत सदैव से रणबांकुरों की भूमि रही है. महाराणा प्रताप, पृथ्वीराज चौहान जैसे न जाने कितने सपूत माँ भारती की एकता और अखंडता के लिए लड़े और वीरगति को प्राप्त हुए. हिमाचल का भी योगदान इस कड़ी में कहीं पीछे नही रहा. चाहे भारत के पहले परम वीर चक्र विजेता मेजर सोमनाथ शर्मा हों, या सौरभ कालिया और विक्रम बत्रा, हिमाचल का हर एक वीर भारत माँ…

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Prajwal Busta: The Youngest BDC Chairperson in India

Prajwal Busta : Youngest BDC Chairperson Of India

PRAJWAL BUSTA: The Youngest BDC Chairperson in INDIA Prajwal Busta, is full of commitment towards serving the society and she believes that a successful politician does not have convictions, he has emotions. She is the youngest BDC chairperson of India. She recently got felicitated at HT youth form, Young Achievers Award Top 30 Under 30 on 26th of May. And today we are introducing you to the youngest BDC (Block Development Committee) chairperson, Prajwal Busta who is full of emotions of service towards the society, people and nation. She is…

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Congress has a golden history of building India, it developed India and made it where it stands today in globe : Vinod Zinta

vinod Zinta Himachal Youth Congress general Secretary

Vinod Zinta is Himachal Pradesh Yuva Congress general secretary and a former National Secretary of NSUI Elections are soon to hit the state and Vinod Zinta, state secretary HPYC believes that people will take into consideration the development done by Congress to vote the party back to power. We, team- We Are Himachali, has started a new section of interviews about upcoming elections in the state and this is first of the series. Here today, we interact with Mr Vinod Zinta who is the state secretary of Himachal Pradesh Yuva Congress.…

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