Humanity or Religion OR Humanity and Religion

religion- maryam siddiqui

Humanity is our religion RELIGION what is a religion? what is humanity? Keeping it simple, I would say that every religion teaches the kindness and humanity. According to me, Religion is the synonym of Humanity. And those who don’t understand this are ignorant about the real meaning of life. There is a symbol known as ‘yin-yang’ in Chinese philosophy. Yin and Yang, these two are opposite yet complimentary energies. They cannot exist without each other.   Read this beautiful article on MOTHERHOOD. In this world, every thing has two aspects:…

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Why is it important to save wetlands in Himachal and elsewhere – Study Material for competitive exams – We Are Himachali


Article on Wetlands is study material for people preparing for HAS, IAS, Naib Tehsildar and other such government examinations Wetlands : A wetland is a land area that is saturated with water, either permanently or seasonally, such that it plays an important role in ecosystem. The primary factor that distinguishes wetlands from other land forms or water bodies is the characteristic vegetation of aquatic plants, adapted to the unique hydric soil. The major role played by wetlands in the environment are mainly water purification, flood control, carbon sink and shoreline…

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The haunting story of the Barog tunnel – We Are Himachali

Tunnel No. 33- Barog Haunting Tunnel on Kalka Shimla Railway

Barog tunnel has many stories revolving around it. Are they true? It’s for you to decide Colonel Barog was the man after whom the Barog tunnel and station on Kalka Shimla Railway is named. But to get a station named after him, he had to die. The tunnel number is 33 and its the longest on Kalka Shimla Rail route. Colonol Barog was assigned the task before the chief engineer of Kalka Shimla project, HS Herrington, to construct the Barog tunnel. To make the process fast, he ordered to dug from…

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Kalka Shimla Railway : An epitome of Engineering

Kalka Shimla railway

All facts and myths about Kalka Shimla Railways you should know Kalka Shimla railway is one of the major tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. It’s not just a regular train journey which you do but it connects you to the heritage and rich past which connects you even to nature. The way this railway route is built is an epitome of engineering. Let’s know some facts and myths about this legendary rail route in Himachal Pradesh. 1898: The Kalka–Shimla Railway construction started on 2 ft (610 mm) narrow gauge tracks by the…

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Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrating Motherhood


Motherhood : A celebration for women, a blessing for everyone : Mother So, today is the Mother’s day, the second Sunday of may. And Today most people will be posting pictures with their mothers on social media as a gesture of their gratitude. yes! mother is the one who teaches us, inspires us, empowers us, loves us more than she loves anything; the love of a mother is not easy to define in words. amm so here we are going to talk about mother and motherhood. Our Ideas of Motherhood…

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Nikita Gupta : A 15 years old young author from Solan – We Are Himachali

Nikita Gupta, Book, We Are Imperfectly perfect, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, Author

Nikita Gupta’s debut book ” We Are Imperfectly Perfect” will be out soon. Solan in Himachal Pradesh is a mesmerising place. Not just technically advanced but well planned too. Amid the hustle and bustle of the city, only few could find peace and time to do things they love. We are sharing one such story today. A story of a 15 years old story teller girl who nailed it with her writing skills on social media and now all set with the release of her first book “We are imperfectly…

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Chamba : 5 things to experience while in Chamba

Bhuri Singh Museum Chamba Himachal pradesh

Chamba was the only kingdom of the Hills which was never invaded or conquered Chamba is an ancient Himalayan Kingdom located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It’s now second largest district (area wise) which has a great past or as we can say, better preserved than any other ancient kingdom in Himlayas. This article is not about the places about Chamba but more about the things which you should witness while in the district headquarter. These things are traditional and for the other things which you should be experience,…

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RK Vines – “When you are pahadi” goes viral

RK Vines, Comedy, humor , Himachal pradesh, Vines

Rakshit wanted to create a vine especially for his friends from mountains and thus this viral video came out Life is a struggle when you are from mountains. Not because you have bad atmosphere to live in but because you have many friends from plains who have these curious minds which are filled with “ajeeb-o-garib” questions like- “Tumahre ghar pahad pr kaise tikte hain” You might have encountered few of such incidents. So Rakshit thought of making a video to which people of himachal Pradesh can relate and here it…

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Pahari Natti in Elante Mall – A delight to see our culture

Himachali, Nati, Natti, Pahari, Pahadi, Dance, Folkdance

Pahadi Natti : Himachali Natti is the folk dance of upper Shimla Area and is indispensable from Himachali culture Natti is not just a folk dance, it’s more of a connection we have with our home. t’s our culture which has survived over the years and evolving with each passing day. No matter how trendy we become but this remains in our blood and keeps giving us goosebumps whenever we hear it in some place other than Himachal Pradesh. Click here to know the schedule of HGT 2017 Same such…

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Virbhadra Singh : 10 facts you did not know

Himachal Pradesh CM, Chief Minister , Virbhadra Singh, News, Travel, Culture

Virbhadra Singh: The longest serving Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh virbhadra Singh : Himachal Pradesh, a small and beautiful state in the lap of Himalayas. Ever since it’s formation, this state has been always progressive. The progress of Himachal Pradesh, like any other state in Himachal, is overseen by the Chief Minister himself. So today, we are presenting the person who has served the Himachal Chief minister office for the longest time and record number of terms. Incumbent and 6 time CM of Himachal Pradesh – Virbhadra Singh. Here are…

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