The haunting story of the Barog tunnel – We Are Himachali

Tunnel No. 33- Barog Haunting Tunnel on Kalka Shimla Railway

Barog tunnel has many stories revolving around it. Are they true? It’s for you to decide Colonel Barog was the man after whom the Barog tunnel and station on Kalka Shimla Railway is named. But to get a station named after him, he had to die. The tunnel number is 33 and its the longest on Kalka Shimla Rail route. Colonol Barog was assigned the task before the chief engineer of Kalka Shimla project, HS Herrington, to construct the Barog tunnel. To make the process fast, he ordered to dug from…

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Kalka Shimla Railway : An epitome of Engineering

Kalka Shimla railway

All facts and myths about Kalka Shimla Railways you should know Kalka Shimla railway is one of the major tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. It’s not just a regular train journey which you do but it connects you to the heritage and rich past which connects you even to nature. The way this railway route is built is an epitome of engineering. Let’s know some facts and myths about this legendary rail route in Himachal Pradesh. 1898: The Kalka–Shimla Railway construction started on 2 ft (610 mm) narrow gauge tracks by the…

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Travel Diaries : Doel Sengupta’s Himachal Experience

Travel Diaries , Doel Sengupta, Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh, Kangra

Travel diaries: Doel shares her experience of her stay and travel at Bir-Billing Travel Diary: Just before I was about to start my trip to some places in Northern India, I was reminded by a friend of mine about Bir-Billing. I read about this place when in 2013 the Pre-World Cup Paragliding Championship was held and then the 2015 Paragliding World Cup also got hosted for the 1st time. Since then I had been hoping to make it to Bir Billing but ofcourse I ended up going to other places.…

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Jasaurgarh Gompa : Forgotten Monasteries Of Chamba

Jasaurgarh-Chamba-Bhanodi-Gompa-MOnastery- Himachal Pradesh

Jusaurgarh Gompa monasteries are located in Churah valley of Chamba Himachal Pradesh. A place which is least discovered even by best of travellers. Chamba is a land of mysteries. This small area has many undiscovered and unexplored area. Himachal, though known as one of the best tourist sites in India, it’s called unforgettable Himachal, have many such sites like the one we are talking about today, it’s one of the rare found Monasteries in Chamba Himachal Pradesh. The gompa is located in Jasaurgarh Village, 25 km NE from Kalhel on the Chamba…

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