Chamba : 5 things to experience while in Chamba

Bhuri Singh Museum Chamba Himachal pradesh
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Chamba was the only kingdom of the Hills which was never invaded or conquered

Chamba is an ancient Himalayan Kingdom located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It’s now second largest district (area wise) which has a great past or as we can say, better preserved than any other ancient kingdom in Himlayas.

This article is not about the places about Chamba but more about the things which you should witness while in the district headquarter. These things are traditional and for the other things which you should be experience, we will have another article soon.

  1. Chambyali Dham
    Dham is a full meal lunch or dinner. Mostly dham is served on occasions but as the tourism grew, the local restaurant and hotels cater them as well. Unlike other parts of Himachal, it has fix Menu. Starts with the rice, two different dals (pulses), Curry, Khata (form of curry), Sweet rice and above all of them- Madra . This lunch is loved by both commoners and specials and if you did not experience it, you are losing something while in Chamba.
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  2. Chamba Rumal:
    Known as a “needle wonder” Chamba Rumal is now made in square and rectangular shapes. The materials used still consist of muslin, malmal, khaddar (a coarse fabric), fine charcoal or brush, and silk threads without knots. Using a double satin stitch for the embroidery, both faces of the cloth are concurrently stitched by a forward and backward technique to maintain uniformity of design on both faces of the rumal. After completing the embroidery, the fabric is stitched with a border of about 2 to 4 inches on all sides.
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  3. Chamba Chappal:
    It goes back in history but for that, we will add another article some other day but today, we will just discuss how it’s made. Chamba Chappal, traditionally was made from leather but now synthetic things are used. When the design of the ordinary footwear is ready then a fine work of embroidery is done on it. This what makes it special. They are light weight and well withing the budget. Do buy them while in Chamba.
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  4. Chamba Painting:
    Chamba paintings are quite similar in appearance to Mughal style of paintings, with strong influences of Deccan and Gujarat style also. The Chamba paintings are very authentic and informative social documents of the history of those times. The Chamba paintings also derived inspiration from natural surroundings and are remarkable in their composition. The Chamba style is similar to that of Guler paintings as numerous artists of this school came from Guler.

    Chamba painting Himachal Pradesh

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  5. Buri Singh Museum
    Yeah! I know, I told you that I will not ask you to any place in this post but for the sake of heritage, I would recommend you to go to Buri singh Museum which is the main town. You will find a great deal of heritage in that three storey building.

    Bhuri Singh Museum Chamba Himachal pradesh
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That’s all for this time folks. We will come up with more and more posts about Himachal Pradesh and it’s culture. Till that time stay tuned.

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