Forest Guard Hoshiyar singh inexplicable death

hoshiyar singh forest guard karsog
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What is the reason of the demise of forest guard Hoshiyar Singh?

The murder of forest guard Hoshiyar Singh has left the state with lots of questions. Is this murder? Is this suicide? What is the reason? What is the mystery behind that diary? why bottles of poison were there? Why were marks on his wrist? Why his head was injured?

But he was found hanging upside down from the tree. If this was suicide, then why he was on tree? If he was trying to hang himself then why poison bottles?  Police has to answer many questions.

There are many questions but Police has not solved this case yet. It was said that this was a suicide case but now on more introspection media has found it unusual. It has been found that this is not a suicide but a murder. The murderers have tried to astray the police by showing it as a suicide.

2 poison bottles were found according to the reports of newspaper. One was found in the bag and the other one at the quarter of Forest guard Hoshiyar Singh.
They have also found the vomiting near the spot.But his family says that this statement is pointless as there was rain for two days when he went missing.
Plus, Police said that murderers may have hanged him to tree after poisoning him.

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Foresr Guard Hoshiyar singh karsong

Amar Ujala has stated that a diary found in his bag; in which it is written that Lobh Singh, Hetram, Ghanshyam and Anil were involved in illegal logging(illegal cutting of trees). and they used to intimidate him when opposed.

Many names of officers were also being found. Well this is a tour diary which is being given to the forest guards. They have to keep a note of information related to forests in it. One letter has been found with the name of his grandma but its not justified till now.

Postmortem reports also justifies the marks on his wrists were due to blood clotting.They were not cuts or anything related to suicide.

This is a very complex case. And now politics also comes to play their roles in it as elections are near.

BJP has questioned and targeted the Congress party.They have accused the congress many times about forest Maafia and this incident has proved it.

CM Virbhadra Singh has said that weapons will be provided to forest guards. Congress has also answered back to the BJP through a rally and said Congress has always been in service to the people.

We hope for the justice and may people try to solve all the disputes of the nation irrespective of their parties for the sake of humanity.

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