Meet Mrs India Himachal Classic: Kalpana Thakur

Kalpana thakur Mrs India Himachal Classic
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Kalpana Thakur: Mrs India Himachal Classic and a Social activist

What do I say about this lady, Mrs Kalpana Thakur. she is so enthusiastic and positive. She is doing social work for many years and she also owns a business. She is an inspiration not only to the women but each human being.

She participated in the Mrs India Himachal Pradesh and won the title of Mrs India Himachal Classic. Classic means something or someone of highest quality and outstanding and an epitome in his her field. She is such a great example to our society. Her name is Kalpana Thakur and Kalpana means Imagination and she did what she imagined.

Let us know more about her.

Mam, firstly an introduction to our readers.

My name is Kalpana Thakur. I am 43 years old. I have done my graduation from Punjab University.I belong to Lahaul and presently we are settled in Manali. I am a social activist plus I am running a hotel at Manali.

She has got Best Social Worker 2012 Award, Vashishth Karye Samman in 2014, State level, “Beti bachao- beti padhao” 2015 for social works by INIFD Hamirpur, Zee Media Group- Story broadcasted on national and international channels and many other achievements.

We are four members in our family, My husband, daughter(20 years) and son(17 years). My hobbies include to reverse the non-biodegradable waste.I also teach it to students and to people and even go to different places/villages giving seminars or workshop to keep the environment clean by recycling, reusing and reversing the non-biodegradable wastes.

Have you ever thought of participating in such kind of event?

Actually, I had stage phobia. I have gone on the stage just to receive the awards. I participated in Mrs Manali for the first time 3 years ago because of Jyoti Rana mam. I was in top 12 there and after that I was confident and when I got this opportunity, I didn’t want to lose it.

How your family reacted to this?

My husband is very supportive and my children felt proud.

How did you feel when you won?

It was a great feeling. I felt out of this world and I was very happy. It motivated me and filled me with more confidence.
We all have motivation since our birth, we just have to enhance it with the time.

How was your experience?

I learnt many things. Jaz Preet mam groomed us and taught us lot of things and Deepali mam, who gave us this platform. I want to thank them.

This pageant teaches that women are diverse. This is the celebration of beauty with diversity. You handle your household and family and business and your hobbies and passion.

I want to request all the ladies that Give time to yourself after your marriage. Pursue your hobby and utilise the free time. Don’t waste it in gossiping and watching TV.


Did you always want to be a social worker?

YES. I always wanted to be a social activist. We had joint family and we were always taught to share and do good to others. This was my hobby and now it have become my Passion.

What are the changes in your life after this event?

I have become more ambitious. People invite me o judge the show.Life has changed a lot. Now, I do not have to take appointments to meet the MLA and SPM. I get direct entry. I feel welcomed everywhere and this has given more power to my voice.

What are your next plans?

There is a lot of talent in Himachal and we need to recognize that to make our Himachal a strong state.If a woman from a tribal area like Lahaul can do this, then people can do wonders from the more advanced districts.We all need to come together and take steps in a positive direction.

What message you would like to give to our readers?

USE YOUR TIME. Enhance your qualities.

Don’t compare boy and girl. If you want a boy, You need a girl. Right? AND Both have different qualities.

Abort abortions. Illiteracy is the main reason for this. please understand this we need both genders and both are special to us.


Who is your ideal and inspiration?

My husband. We are more like friends. He is my best friend. We discuss all the things together. We work together on How we can save the environment and how can we recycle the garbage. We teach how people can use waste materials for decoration purposes. It saves your money and saves our environment.

For the first 20 years, it was difficult. People used to call us crazy. But then Zee TV made a coverage for our work and we were on news. So, it gave an identification and people started appreciating.

Do what you feel right no matter what people say. Be true to your heart and Keep doing you stuff and don’t hurt anyone.

Is your marriage arranged or love? 😉

Arranged marriage. We didn’t even know each other but with time our relation and love have become strong.

Few last words.

I am a simple person. I do all the daily chores and still I am a learner and I feel that life is a learning process. So keep learning and keep moving on.

Thank you mam for talking with us. It was really good to talk to you. 

Thank you for interviewing me We Are Himachali.

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