All you need to know about history of Chamba

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All you need to know about history of Chamba

Conclusion of History of Chamba:

Let’s talk about that district which is second highest as per area after Lahaul and Spiti. History of this district is very vast and we have lots of things to learm from it.

1. CHAMBA RIYASAT: Maaru in 550 set Chamba RIYASAT when he came from Ayyodhya. Maaru made Bharmour as his capital. Aditya verman used verman tittle first in 620.

2.Meru Verman(680): Meru verman built Manimahesh temple, Lakshna Devi temple, Ganesh temple, Narsingh temple and shakti Devi temple in chatradi. Gugga shilpi famous shilpi(Art) of Meru verman.

3. Lakshmi verman(800): At his time many people died because of Epidemic (MAHAMARI).

4. MUSAN VERMAN (820): Suket king married her daughter to MUSAN VERMAN. He restricted rat killing during his rule.

5 SAHIL VERMAN (920): He is the founder of modern Chamba . He had 10 sons and one daughter champawati (Chamba got it’s name from champawati). Naina Devi wife of SAHIL VERMAN sacrifice her life to provide water to Chamba. Sahil verman built Lakshmi narayan, chandershekhar(sahu) chandargupt and Guru Shankar temple.

6 Yuzankar verman(940):His wife built Narsingh temple in Bharmour. He built gori shankar temple in Chamba.

7 Salwahan verman (1040): Kashmir ruler attacked Bharmour during his rule.

8 Jasata verman(1105): He was against Kashmir king Sushala and support Harsh and his grandson.

9 Uday verman (1120):He married her two daughters Devlekha and Taralekha to Kashmir king Sushala,who after death of Sushala in 1128 got SATTI.

10 Lalit verman (1143) : During his time PATHERLEKH found at Dibri Kothi and Sachunala(Paangi), which gave us clue that Tissa and Paangi area were part of Chamba.

11 Vijay verman (1175): He took advantage of Mohd Gauri attack in 1191-92 and covered many areas of Kashmir and Ladakh under him.

12 Ganesh Verman (1512): Singh title was first used by him.

13 Pratap Singh Verman (1559): Akbar ruled during his time. He defeated Kangra king Raja Chandarpal and added Guler in Chamba.

14 Balbhadar(1589) and Janardhan : Balbhadar was very kind by nature. People called him “Baali karan”. His son Janardhan took throne from him. At the time of Janardhan, Jahangir visited Kangra in 1622.

15 PRITHVI SINGH: He revolted against Shahjahan in 1641.He visited Delhi nine times and Shahjahan gifted him sculpture of Raghubir. Chamba khajiar and Sita ram temple Chamba made by nurse(Batlu) of PRITHVI SINGH.

16 CHATTAR SINGH(1664):Hr ruled at the time of Aurangzeb.He refused to accept order of Aurangzeb to destroy temples.


17 UDAY SINGH:He was Son of CHATTAR SINGH.He fell in love with barber’s daughter and made barber WAJIR of Chamba.

18 UMMED SINGH: HE BUILT NADDA FORT in Rajnagar and RANGMAHAL CHAMBA. He ordered her wife not to follow satti pratha .He died in 1764.

19 RAJ SINGH(1764):At the age of 9 he became king. Raj Singh died in 1794 during war near shahpur. Nikka, Ranjha and Harku were main artist of his time.

20 JEET SINGH (1794):At JEET SINGH’S time he sent Nathu wajir to fought against Sansarchand.

21 CHARHAT SINGH (1808):HE Became king at the age of 6. Rani Sharda his mother built Radha Krishna temple in 1825. He died At the age of 42.

22 SHRI SINGH(1844): He became king at the age of 5 years. In 1863 first post office was opened at his time. He died in 1870.

23 GOPAL SINGH: He did lots of work to improve Chamba. He was brother of SHRI SINGH. Lord Mayo visited during his time

24 SHYAM SINGH (1873): GENERAL RENAL TAYLOR made him king at the age of 7 years. SIR CHARLES ATKINSON visited Chamba in 1883. LORD CURJON and his wife in 1900 Visited Chamba. In 1902 he got ill and in 1904 he died.

25 Bhuri Singh(1904): He was brother of SHYAM SINGH. In 1906 he got title of Knighthood. Bhuri Singh museum was built in 1908.During 1st world war he helped Britishers in world war .In 1910 power house was made in Chamba through which electricity is provided to Chamba. He died in 1919.

26 TIKKARAM SINGH: He ruled from 1919 to 1935

27 RAJA LAKSHMAN SINGH:He was the last ruler of Chamba .On 15 April 1948 , Chamba became district of Himachal and Himachal Pradesh came into existence as a state.

Economy of Chamba

The only way in which a durable peace can be created is by restoration of economic activity. Economy of district really plays a key role in its development. Let’s see Economy of Chamba.
Agriculture: Agriculture is the main factor of Economy of Chamba. In 2010-11 Maize haD 27871 hectare and wheat 20801 hectare of land for Agriculture. In same year 32946 M.Ton of wheat and 75503 M.Ton of Maize while 14803 M.Ton of Apple were produced.
Livestock breeding: In chamba 317256 cows and Buffalos, 316565 Sheepsand 240564 goats were till 2007. Chamba has Sheep breeding centre in Sarol. Chamba DUGAD YOJANA was started in 1978.
Hydroelectric projects: The main Hydroelectric projects running in Chamba are Chamera I (540MW), Chamera II(300MW), BARASAYUIL (198MW), HADSAR(60MW) & BHARMOUR (45 MW).

Himachal Pradesh GK Tricks by Nakul Prashar

There are two important books also of Chamba.
i)Mukt sr tarikh eh riyasat Chamba by GAREEB KHAN.
ii ) Antiques of Chamba state by V C CHABRA.

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