Himachal Officer Couple will bear education expense of martyr’s daughter

Yunus Khan and Anjum Ara
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DC Kullu Yunus Khan and SP Solan Anjum Ara Offered to bear the expense of martyr daughter

The officer couple of IAS Yunus Khan and IPS Anjum Ara met the family of martyr who was killed by Pakistani forces this past week.

The couple met the family of Paramjeet Singh at their native village Voin Poin in Punjab’s Tarantaran district.

Couple met Khushdeep, the young daughter of martyr , whom education they will fund.

“Its a salute to the soldier who sacrificed his life for the country.” He told reporters after the meeting. He said it’s just a small gesture on their part.

Officer couple of Himachal Pradesh with the girl

Anjum Ara , SP Solan, a 2011 batch IPS, told the reports that Khushdeep will remain with her family.” We can only support financially but emotional support can only be provided by mother.” The couple has a 4 year old son.

Khushdeep has elder twin siblings.

IPS Anjum Ara ( SP Solan) told the reports that her husband was moved by witnessing the situation of the family on TV and thus decided to make some better arrangements to the family’s condition.

The soldier’s wife, Paramjeet Kaur said ,” For us this couple is God and we are very grateful for their kind gesture.

Himachal Pradesh feels proud of having such officers. They have inspired youth with their actions. If you are reading this story, don’t forget to share it with your friends and let’s make this great officer couple from the state feel our gratitude, we are immensely moved by their act of kindness and lovely gestures.

” We all should come forward to help the family of martyred soldiers. Our country needs a thinking of brotherhood, this is an initiative by us.” Said Yonus Khan.

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