HPAS TEST SERIES – Sample paper (Mini) – June 3rd 2017

HPAS sampal paper 2017
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Team we are Himachali presents to it’s reader the daily questions on HPGK from HPAS ( Himachal Pradesh Administrative services 2017) Prep.

Go through them and see how much you got right.

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1 Rohtang pass is located in which district
A kullu
B Mandi
C Kinnaur
D kangra

Answer Kullu

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2 Which district is the highest producer of Mango
A Una
B Kangra
C Mandi
D Sirmaur
Answer Kangra

3 Name the district with lowest electrical villages in HP
A Mandi
B Chamba
C Kinnaur
D Sirmaur
Answer Kinnaur

4 Beas river originates from
A Baralalacha
B Rohtang
C Bada Bhangal
D Mansarovar
Answer Rohtang

5 Which district of HP has largest area under potato production
A Shimla
B Mandi
C chamba
D kangra
Answer Shimla

6 Tea is mainly produced in which districts of HP
A kangra Mandi
B Shimla Kullu
C Sirmaur Kinnaur
D Una Hamirpur
Answer Kangra Mandi

7 Nagarcot attacked by Taimur in
A 1322
B 1344
C 1386
D 1398
Answer 1398

8 Who is the founder of Sirmaur
A king Rasalu
B Karam Prakash
C Medhni Prakash
D Vijay Prakash
Answer king Rasalu

9 Suketi tributary of
A Ravi
B Beas
C Sataluj
D Yamuna
Answer Beas

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10 Fullaich fair is celebrated in which district
A kangra
B Mandi
C Kinnaur
D Sirmaur
Answer Kinnaur

11 Chamba is situated on the bank of river
A Ravi
B Beas
C Sataluj
D Yamuna
Answer Ravi

12 How much area of HP comes under forest
A 55.34℅
B 66.5℅
C 75.5℅
D 85.6℅
Answer 66.5℅

13 When was territorial council formed in HP?
A 1948
B 1951
C 1954
D 1957
Answer 1957

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14 Padamsambhav Preached Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh in
A 7th century
B 8th century
C 9th century
D 10th century
Answer 8th Century

15 Yamuna river originates from
A Himachal
B Uttarakhand
C Jammu and Kashmir
D Arunachal pradesh
Answer Uttrakhand

16 Tons is the tributary of
A Ravi
B Beas
C Sataluj
D Yamuna
Answer Yamuna

17 Who was the first to discover Shimla as Fine hill station
A William Moorcraft
B Huieng Tsang
C Major Keneddy
D Satyanand Stokes
Answer Major Keneddy

18 Which river does the glacier fed streams Bhadal and Taintgairi forms
A Ravi
B Beas
C Sataluj
D Yamuna
Answer Ravi

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19 Kol Dam in Bilaspur
is made in collaboration in which country
A China
B Russia
C France
Answer Russia

20 What is the share of Himachal Pradesh in Total National Hydro electric potential in Himachal Pradesh
A 10℅
B 15℅
C 20℅
D 25℅
Answer 25℅

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