HPAS TEST SERIES – Sample paper (Mini) – June 4th 2017

HPAS sampal paper 2017
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Team we are Himachali presents to it’s reader the daily questions on HPGK from HPAS ( Himachal Pradesh Administrative services 2017) Prep.

Go through them and see how much you got right.

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1 The area under forest in HP is
A 37033 sq km
B 55673 sq km
C 45067 sq km
D 55056 sq km
Answer 37033 sq km

2 In which vedas Fight between Kirat king Sambhar and Aryan king divodas for 40 years mentioned
A Rig Veda
B Saam Veda
C Yajur Veda
D Atharva Veda
Answer Rig Veda

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3 Which party gained a majority in HP assembly in general election of 1977?
A Janta Party
B Congress Party
C Aam admi Party
D Bahujan smajwadi Party
Answer Janta Party

4 Which ruler expanded the territory of his state after the disintegration of Mughal Empire
A Purav Chand
B Ghamand Chand
C Prakash Chand
D Vijay Chand
Answer Ghamand Chand

5 Alexander landed at bank of river Beas at
A 312 BC
B 319BC
C 326 BC
D 328 BC
Answer 326 BC

6 Pong dam is joint venture of
A Punjab Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan
B Haryana Punjab Rajasthan
C Uttar Pradesh Haryana Punjab
D Uttarakhand Rajasthan Punjab
Answer Haryana Punjab Rajasthan

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7 Kibber village is in
A Kaza valley
B Pattan valley
C Sangla Valley
D Chitkul valley

Answer Kaza Valley

8 Himachal Pradesh Art and Culture academy was established in year
A 1964
B 1966
C 1968
D 1969
Answer 1968

9 India and Himachal population density as per 2011 census
A 382 and 123
B 423 and 145
C 322 and 111
D 350 and 159
Answer 382 and 123

10 Upper joiner Hydro
Power project in river basin
A Beas
B Ravi
C Sataluj
D Yamuna
Answer Ravi

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11 Who was the last ruler of Chamba
A Sahil Verman
B lakshman Singh
C Mussan Verman
D Aditya Verman
Answer Lakshman Singh

12 Who helped Britishers during 1st World War
A Lakshman Singh
B Bhuri Singh
C Aditya Verman
D Mussan Verman
Answer Bhuri Singh

13 Who made Gauri Shankar temple in Chamba
A Yuzankar Verman
B Sahil Verman
C Mussan Verman
D Aditya Verman
Answer Yuzankar Verman

14 Headquarter of Kinnaur is
A Recongpeo
B Kalpa
C Chinni
D Bhabba
Answer Recongpeo

15 Lippa and Jampa Monastery is in
A Kinnaur
B Mandi
C Mandi
D lahaul Spiti
Answer Kinnaur

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16 Jhamakda is a famous folk dance of
A Chamba
B Kangra
C Mandi
D Sirmaur
Answer Kangra

17 Taragarh fort in Nupur was built by
A Jagat Singh
B Jeth pal
C Vikram Singh
D Vijay singh
Answer Jagat Singh

18 When did earthquake hit kangra
A 4 April 1905
B 4 may 1906
C 4 June 1908
D 4 july 1907
Answer 4 April 1905

19 Shahpur fort was made by
A Bhaktamal
B Jeth pal
C Jagat Singh
D Vikram Singh
Answer Bhaktamal

20 Keelgram is the old name of
A Palampur
B Kangra
C Baijnath
D Nagrota
Answer Baijnath

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