HPAS Test series : Sample Paper (Mini) – 31st May 2017

HPAS sampal paper 2017
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Team we are Himachali presents to it’s reader the daily questions on HPGK from HPAS ( Himachal Pradesh Administrative services 2017) Prep.

Go through them and see how much you got right.

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1 Famous painting Kangra bride is related to
A Nicolas Rorik
B Sardar Shobha Singh
C Norah Richard
D Vijay Sharma
Answer: Sardar Shobha Singh


2 Vaid Surat Ram is related to
A Aajad Hind Fojj
B Gadar Party
C Pajhotha andolan
D Mandi Shadyantr
Answer: Pajhotha andolan

3 Book “Himalayan district of kullu and lahaul spiti” written by
A L C Parthi
B Necolas Hayisir
C J Hayisir
D A.P.F Harcourt
Answer: A.P.F Harcourt

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4 Which place is related to Kamlagarh fort
A Baijnath
B Poanta Sahib
C Sarkaghat
D Kangra
Answer: Sarkaghat

5 Victory tunnel was made in the memory of
A Revolt of 1857
B British win in first world war.
C British win in second world war
D British win over Gorkhas
Answer: British win in second world war

6 Raja Rasalu name is related to
A Mandi
B kullu
C Sirmour
D Sujanpur
Answer: Sirmour

7 Which district is related to Ghadasaru lake
A Kangra
B kullu
C Shimla
D Chamba
Answer: Chamba

8 Out of following Hot spring is not present in
A Vashisht
B kailath
C kheerganga
D Masrur temple
Answer: Masrur temple

9 “Himalayan Pilgrimage” book written by
A Shanta Kumar
B B .N. Dattar
C Dr Y S Parmar
D Devraaj Sharma
Answer: B .N. Dattar

10. Which district has low literacy rate
A Chamba
B Kangra
C Shimla
D kinnaur
Answer: Chamba

11 Dhami Satyagraha main leader was
A Bhagmal Sohtha
B Pt Param Dev
C Heera lal
D Deena nath
Answer: Bhagmal Sohtha

12 Sawan river Una Project is helped by which country
A Canada
B China
C Japan
D France
Answer: Japan

13 Which pass joins kinnaur and Gadhwaal
A Duggi Jot
B Kaamilaga
C Mulari Jot
D Dulachi
Answer: Kaamilaga

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14 Mandi Shivratri Fair lasts for how many days
A 5
B 7
C 10
D 3
Answer: 7

15 How many reservation is given for Sports person by Himachal government
A 5%
B 3%
C 4%
D 10%
Answer: 3%

16 Shooter Vijay Kumar is from district
A Kangra
B Hamirpur
C Sirmour
D Una
Answer: Hamirpur

17 World famous Sanawar School is in
A Shimla
B Solan
C Hamirpur
D Palampur
Answer: Solan

18 Famous Chamba pattan bridge is on river
A Ravi
B Beas
C Satluj
D Yamuna
Answer: Beas

19 Tons is the tributary of which river
A Satluj
B Beas
C Yamuna
D Ravi
Answer : Yamuna

20 Renuka Dam (40 Mw) is on which river
A Tons
B Giri
C Pabbar
D Renuka
Answer: Giri

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