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Kangra Central Co-operative Bank Mock Test Series

Question 1 Average of seven natural number is 40?Find the difference between first and last number?
A 5
B 6
C 7
D 8

Answer 6

Question 2 The average of twenty natural number is
A 13
B 10.5
C 12.4
D 16

Answer 10.5

Question 3 7878-4545÷5454=?+4444
A 3342
B 4343
C 5123
D 3333

Answer 4343

Question 4 What is the square of 25 is subtracted from square of 31
A 446
B 556
C 336
D 346
Answer 336

Question 5 The side of a square is equal to diameter of circle.The area of square is 441 sq cm ?What is the area of circle ?
A 346 sq km
B 246 sq km
C 446 sq km
D 556 sq km
Answer 346 sq km

Question Their is a error in sentence or no error you have to find out which part 1,2,3,4 has error or mark 5 if no error(5).

6 The bus waiting (1) / for all passengers (2) / to enter (3) /before it took off/No error,(5).
Answer (1)

7 Daily Prayer and Meditation (1)/ is the keys(2)/to a peaceful and happy life(3)/No error(4)
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4

Answer (2)

Find wrong spelt word in given

8 A Dimention
B circumstance
C circumference
D Arctic

Answer A Dimension

9 A Excess
B Extension
C Priviledge
D All correct
Answer C Privilege

10 A Excuse
B Exept
C Enlacement
D Convolution
Answer B Except

11 Davis cup is associated with which game
A Hockey
B Cricket
C Tennis
D Football
Answer Tennis

12 The position of first and sixth letter of word CARPET are interchanged. Similarly the position of second and fifth and third and fourth also interchanged.How many alphabets between the letter which is second from right and the letter which is second from the left end?
A Three
B two
C One
D Four

Answer A Three

14 A B C D, A has to travel more than any fixed to reach the office. C travels a certain distance which is not as much as B but greater than D .Whi among them travel least distance

Answer D (A>B>C>D)

15 A mountain would necessarily have
A Vegetation
B Trees
C Peak
D Snow
Answer Peak

16 Rubber:tree ; Silk:?
A fibre
B insect
C Polypeptide
D Soft

Answer Insect

17 Article spells form of GST council is
A 264 A
B 266 A
C 279 A
D 280 A

Answer 279A

18 Pattan valley is in
A lahaul Spiti
B kinnaur
C Bilaspur
D Sirmaur

Answer lahaul Spiti

19 Dhami firing in Sirmaur take placed at
A 1938
B 1939
C 1942
D 1945

Answer 1939

Question 20 lord Weevil plan of year 1945 was signed at
A Solan
B Shimla
C Mandi
D Kangra

Answer Shimla

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