KLOL Star : First Viral Pranksters from Himachal Pradesh

kLOL Star
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As we are writing this article, kLOL Star, on Youtube is yet to complete it’s six months but have 20,735 subscribers and 1,466,674 views

kLOL Star ! Have you ever heard of them?If Yes! good, if No! Let us tell you who they are. There is no one in Himachal or around with this young channel and this much subscribers or views.

What do they do?Well, they post prank videos on Youtube, but saying that will be like concluding their efforts and harwork without telling their story.

Just for the records, they also have a dance group with the name D-pyrets, they have won Dance Himachal Dance Season 3 and had been a part of India’s Got Talent Season 7. This bunch of talented young men’s age range between 18-22

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This bunch of talented young men’s age range between 18-22 and just by doing what they love to, they are making money and making name for themselves and Himachal Pradesh. All students and initially promoted their video by word of mouth, today they have quite a fan following on youtube. Let’s hear it from them, their story, in their words.

Today we have Nitish with us, who leads this team. Let’s hear it from him, their story in their words.

Can you please introduce yourself and your team?

We are team of about 10 people, namely, Nitish, Suraj, Ankush, Sahil, Dinesh,Deepak, Vicky, Aadarsh, Shivam and Anup. We love to entertain people and have a dance academy in Kullu named – D pyrets dance academy.

Klol Star

We are the winners of DHD -3 and have participated in India’s Got Talent Season -7.

From dancers to prankster, how did you come up with the idea of kLOL Star?

Our formula is simple, we always stay chilled. No matter what the situation be, we believe in taking it light and stress free. We were appreciated for this in India’s Got Talent by one and all and then JIO happened (laughs).


With JIO we had enormous data to spend online. We followed some prank videos and thought ‘ hey! we can make this kind of stuff’. And with trial and hit method, suggestions by everyone, we came up with our very first script and name.

You got viral beacause of your stratergy or was it just a coincidence?

We did not have any stratergy, we had no idea about monatization even. It just happened to be God’s grace that people know kLOL star today, all we can credit ourselves is of consistency.

We made 5 videos out of which none did well but then came our 6th video (Bhains lag rahi hai), it did miracles. Overnight that video attained 80K+ views, in a couple of days, the views were more than 2.5 lakh and almost in a week, it was over 5 Lakhs, today that video has over 1 Million Views.We learnt about monetization in between and now we are youngest from north India to draw a monatized value from Youtube in just three months.

All this started from one phone made video, one idea, one try and consistency. We became viral only after our 6th video.

How was the crew named -kLOL star?

It was a joint effort and randomly this name came out. 

We wanted to name it relevantly and as it’s known to everyone, in Himachal ‘Kalol’ was the apt word for such stuff, we modified the spelling a bit and named it kLOL, star followed soon after, thus kLOL star.

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As you have earned a lot of love now. What are your plans with this channel?

Our Himachal does not have a Youtube silver button (youtube silver button is like an award youtube gives you after you reach 100,000 subscribers) We want to be the first to bring it for our state. That will be a feather in our cap and an honor for our state.

Tell us about your upcoming video.

Fancy you asked that, it will be released today (13-06-2017). 

The video is about a patient who amazes his attendents. We did it with tourists, who were cluecless about the man and prank. I wont reveal much, just wait till the evening, you will love it, am sure.

Any message for our audience?

Out of my own experience, I will say, that no talent ever go wasted but one must keep his/her focus on and should keep on working.

It will happen, if not today, then tomorrow, if not tomorrow, then next week, if not next week, then next month or 6 months from now but it will happen.

Just work hard, with honesty, patience and consistency, you will surely fetch your goal. Never give up!

This was our online interaction with the kLOL star. These bunch of college students are surely bringing more fame and online attention towards the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Comment your views about this young Himachali brigade.

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