Why you should listen to Lalit Singh – The Pahari Project

Lalit Singh - The Pahari Project - Singers from Himachal - Himachali Song
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Lalit Singh is a generic singer who has gained a lot of appreciation for his Pahari Project

The Pahari Project is a brain child of Lalit Singh. The man who sings in the different genre and yet always keep his roots in mind. The young lad is doing great with his music not only because of his music sense but his experimenting nature. Lalit Singh - The Pahari Project - Singers from Himachal - Himachali Song

The young lad is doing great with his music and developing a loyal fan base not only in Himachal but around India. He recently launched his latest Kangna Remix under the name Dil which in just 2 days have garnered more than 12,000 generic hits without any big marketing tactics.

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Today we present you 5 reasons why you should support this budding artist from the hills and should absolutely listen to his songs.

  1. He continuously experiments with his songs. He even debuted with one such experiment
    Dhattu’ is a native word used in Himachal, Lalit Singh debuted with his single under this name.
    The video is a beautiful tribute to mothers all over the world and a great fusion of Pahari and English; first of its kind.
    The video was marketed generically and has garnered over 123,000+ hits on its video and 23,000+ on its audio. You can check this video here
  2. Even if he does not release the video of his songs, he is still loved by the audience 
    Tantra is a great tribute to the Lord of Lords Shiva, it was Lalit Singh’s second song. Amazing this, the video was never released but Tantra went viral and remains his best single till date. You can see the video here
  3. Lalit Singh never sticks to a genre and keeps on experimenting
    After tributes to mother and Lord Shiva, Lalit Singh came up with romantic video “Zaalima”. The song is in Hindi and received well by the audience. You can see the video which has over 200 thousand hits here
  4. Lalit Singh Never forgets his roots
    Shimla ki Yaaden holds testimony to this. He always loved his birthplace and this song was loved by not only people from Shimla but from people all around the north India. You can see the video here ( Rather hear song)
  5. Most of all, his remixes are worth listening, sharing and keeping repeat mode on
    Listen to his latest song and you will know why we said this. Listen to Dil (Kangna tera ni Remix)

What do you think of our list? Don’t forget to comment your regards for our very own Lalit Singh.

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