Laman : A band which became the cult in Himachal

Laman Abhishek Bist Sishir Chauhan Himachali Song , Shiva kailashon ke wasi
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The name Laman is taken from the folk song Laaman

Laman is a name which is known to everyone today. Perhaps the only band in history of Himachal which is loved by youth and elders at the same time. With only two names Abhishek Bisht  (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Composer/Song Writer) & Shishir Chauhan (Drums/Keyboard/Composer/Music Arranger.) they have created buzz in the music industry of Himachal.

Laman is an Indian folk and semi-classical band from himachal pradesh, and also an intiative to explore and re-create the
existing and forgotten folk melodies of india and the world, with the help of modern sound and instruments,so that the
contemporary world could identify with these melodies.

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The name laman is taken from the folk song form laaman which originated in himachal pradesh.This melodious song was
developed in the beautiful kullu valley but latter became an important part and blended with the diverse culture of whole
himachal pradesh. This song form is highly romantic in nature and symbolizes the emotion of love.
This is the reason that band has been named laman which is synonymous of love. Laman believes that folk melodies have
immense power to keep people rooted to their basic inherent nature which is love and compassion.

Laman is also in a process of collaborating with folk musicians in India and abroad.

Let’s look at he top 5 facts about Laman

  1. Their first song don’t have any video 

    Well it’s not that you wont find it’s video on youtube but yes, the video is just a slideshow of videos and pictures of Himachal and particularly Chamba. The song “Raviye’ was posted on their Youtube on April 16, 2013. The song is an old folk and is executed well but if you will try finding the Laman version of the video, you wont find it (for now atleast)

  2. Bhole Baba garnered over million hits on Youtube

    ‘Shiva Kailashon ke wasi” was released on Feb 8, 2014. This old folk is what rose them to fame. They became a household name in north India after the folk went viral and is loved by everyone even now. It seems like Shiva blessed him after they released this song.

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  3. Their third song , for first time featured other people in video

    A marvelous performance by Reena Bhatia and Pankaj Badra and the shoot by well known Snow Leopard production made it a memorable experience.The song was released on Oct 18, 2014 and has garnered 851,000+ views when this article was written.

  4. They did not release any song in 2016

    Their last song “Piya na ja ” was released on Youtube on December 11, 2015 and they did not release any song in 2016. Their new song is yet to be released in 2017 as well.

  5. They are highest paid performers from Himachal Pradesh

    Laman Abhishek Bist Sishir Chauhan Himachali Song , Shiva kailashon ke wasi
    Laman has been in continuous journey to be the highest paid performers in Himachal Pradesh. Though, figures unknown but the band gets thrice more than normally given to any other Himachali performer. Bad? Well they have rose steadily, making sure quality always stays over quantity, all their videos have organic views and they never market their work, this makes this band unique and people love them for their creativity, so we at least , find it just.

    You can follow this amazing band on their facebook page by clicking on THIS LINK HERE 

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