Landslide in Shimla: temple damaged and vehicles buried

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Landslide in Shimla: temple damaged and vehicles buried

landslide in dhalli- wearehimachali

Landslide at Dhalli in Shimla: Shimla is witnessing heavy rainfall since Friday. And most of us must have heard about the recent landslide in Shimla. This landslide is the result of this heavy rainfall.

Yesterday, a landslide occurred at kalka-Shimla highway NH-5 near Shivmandir dhalli. People were amazed and some videos got viral within a few time of this incident.

Another police official told news agency IANS, “A portion of the cliff opposite the temple near Bhattakufer caved in. Boulders rolled down and smashed six-seven vehicles parked along the highway.

This incident occurred near about 1:45 in the afternoon. The traffic was being stopped before the slide by the alert administration. Some houses near the road got damaged, a portion of the temple is also damaged and more than half a dozen cars were buried.
A local resident Bhawani Singh said that it was around 2 pm when huge mound from the hillock hit the road and blocked the Malyana-Dhalli road. He said that while some vehicles were swept away, some were buried under the debris that also spilled inside a temple and nearby houses.
Luckily, no harm to the people has been reported.

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After receiving the information about the landslide, officials from district administration, police and fire department reached at the spot and started clearing the debris from the road.

This road connects main apple producing areas to the Subzi Mandi, Dhalli. Yesterday many apple loaded trucks were unable to reach the market. This has created a chaos in the lives of people but we wish that this gets well soon.

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Well the administration has started the cleaning work but who can control the nature.

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