Meet this beautiful and talented Miss Himachal 2017 First Runner-up : Rakhi Sharma

Rakhi Sharma Miss Himachal 2017
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Rakhi Sharma: First Runner-up and Miss beautiful Smile

Today we interviewed Miss Himachal First Runner-up, Rakhi Sharma, who also won the subtitle of Miss beautiful Smile. Not only she has a very beautiful smile but is beautiful in every aspect.

So, let us read the interview of this gorgeous and talented Miss Himachal 2017 First Runner-up.

Hello, we request you to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Rakhi Sharma. I belong to Nankhari, Rampur Bushahar in Shimla district.
I have done my schooling from Rampur and then I went to Yamunanagar, Haryana to pursue my further studies. I have done GNM nursing from Rohtak University.
My hobbies include dancing, acting, singing and travelling. Food.. I love eating. I am a foodie!
we are 6 members in our family; my father and mother, my grandparents and my sister.

 How much your life has changed after winning this pageant?

First most thing is that now people give the special attention, people recognises me as a public figure and everyone appreciates. My parents are happy and proud parents.

I was being called to Rampur college and felicitated with  “Award of Honour”. That felt great.
I have started getting offers for videos and modelling shows.

How was your experience during the pageant ?

It was good, one of the life changing experience of my life. I learnt many things and made new friends. All the fellow contestants were very nice, co-operative and fun-loving.
Everything was good.

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What was the reaction of your parents?

I wanted to participate in Miss Himachal since 2013. But I was afraid to ask my father. And this year, my sister approached our father and convinced him.
Earlier he wasn’t happy but after I won and he was there on the finale day, he was very very happy. He felt proud when he saw me at the stage.

And now he supports me. My mother has always supported me.
My sister! She is my backbone. Today I’m here just because of her.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

I see myself as a supermodel. I also want to be in the Bollywood, if luck favours.
Nowadays I am also trying for television serials.

Have you received any offers? and Did you work on any project?

YES! I receive many offers for videos but haven’t agreed to any. 

And recently I did a ramp show INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK at Goa. It was a very big show and it was an amazing experience.

There used to be 6 shows a day. We didn’t get much time to explore the city. But it was great fun. I enjoyed a lot. And I was being chosen as the Showstopper for two shows 🙂


As you are from Upper Shimla, how do people reacts? and if any change is needed?

Youth of Upper Shimla is very talented but they lack the platform. Even I had to travel to Shimla for the Miss Himachal 2017 Audition. There is lack of guidance and direction.

And people still are not open minded. In my case, I wanted to be an air hostess. Even I was being admitted to the air hostess academy but people used to tell my parents that this is not the right field, they have to wear short dresses and blah! blah! blah!
Then..? my parents also became negative and
then I did nursing 😀

People don’t know about these things, they have just heard stories.

They need to change their thinking. I personally want to meet them, hold a seminar and tell them the reality.
Children need the support of their parents. So, I request everyone don’t believe in the stories and support the dreams of your child.

ummm…okay Rakhi… Now, A kind of Rapid Fire 😉

Favourite colour:- White
Favourite Actor:- ???
Favourite Actress:- Deepika Padukone
Favourite Sports:- Badminton
Favourite Food:- Chinese 🙂
Favourite Destination:- Paris

What message will you give to the girls who dream of becoming a model?

If you really want to be a model, just keep yourself focused because you will hear things.
Just give your 100%. All the people are very co-operative in this field. 

If you want it, just do it. 🙂

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Thank you Rakhi for talking with us.

WE ARE HIMACHALI wishes you a very bright future 🙂

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