Pahari Natti in Elante Mall – A delight to see our culture

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Pahadi Natti : Himachali Natti is the folk dance of upper Shimla Area and is indispensable from Himachali culture

Natti is not just a folk dance, it’s more of a connection we have with our home. t’s our culture which has survived over the years and evolving with each passing day. No matter how trendy we become but this remains in our blood and keeps giving us goosebumps whenever we hear it in some place other than Himachal Pradesh.

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Same such incident happened when A flash Mob was performed at very popular attraction in Chandigarh – Elante Mall. A video, which was uploaded by Kritika Parmar, a resident of Palampur and a student of Baddi university on April 27th 2017 has been doing rounds on social media. This viral video has garnered 1.7K likes and 958 shares when this report is written.

You can see the video here

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