4 Private universities have not returned 2.89 crores to almost 2906 pass out student

Private Universities in Himachal Pradesh News
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4 Universities are Shoolini University, Baddi University, JP University and Arni University

The private universities of the country have a lot of shortcomings while meeting the regulations yet the government’s higher education department and regulatory commission seem blind to the facts.

The government has set up the Private Education Institute Regulatory Commission to keep a check on the private universities but the audit conducted by the state government has highlighted the irregularities in the private universities, along with the question on the functioning of the Regulatory Commission.

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The graduate ( pass-outs of different courses) students of the four universities of the state, Shoolini University, Baddi University, Arni University and JP University, are yet to receive their security deposits which they paid to their respective institutes at the time of admission.  It has been disclosed in the audit report that these four private universities of the state have not returned the security amount of 2.89 crores to almost 2906 pass out students.

It has been revealed in the report that Arni University has withheld 61 Lakhs of 610 students, Baddi University has withheld 1.25 crore of 1251 students, JP has 12 lakh of 136 students and Shoolini University has withheld 91 lakh rupees for 909 students.

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Arni University, at the same time, has not returned 27.67 lakhs rupees taken as an advance fee.

This report was published and handed over to state regulatory authority in September 2017 yet no action has been taken by the authority against defaulter universities.

When asked about the same matter, the Shoolini university said that these students have not yet applied for the same. other three universities did not response to the question.

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