Priyanka Sarswat : From a small village to Top 5 of Miss Himachal

Priyanka Sarswat HImachal Pradesh
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Priyanka Sarswat: A tale of undying spirit

Priyanka Sarswat tale of starting from a small village in Mandi district to the top 5 of Miss Himachal is really an inspirational one. The girl rose against all odds and fought for her dreams and passion. The rise was not sudden and she takes nothing for granted. Still very passionate and very hard working, Priyanka considers her rise to top 5 of Miss Himachal as a stepping stone and not the end of her journey. In today’s article, we share the undying spirit of a young lady Priyanka Sarswat, her life and her life philosophy. Team WeAreHimachali brings to you, an interview with Priyanka Sarswat: Miss Himachal 2018 top 5 place holder and Miss perfect body subtitle winner and started her year with a bang by grabbing the subtitle of ‘Miss Costume Queen’ at Winter Queen 2019 held in Manali.

Priyanka Sarswat Himachal Pradesh

  • Could you please give your brief introduction to our audience?

Hi, my name is Priyanka Sarswat, I am from Seraj valley in Mandi district. My father Sh. Prakash Sharma is a lecturer in sociology and my mother Smt. Premlata is a housemaker. I have an elder brother Anil who works in the postal department and is a national level volleyball player. I have done masters in English Literature from PU and am an alma matter of RKMV Shimla too.

  • So where did this all start? What was the beginning of your dream?

I participated in the fresher’s party of my college, which I believe is to be the beginning. I got to know about Ms Himachal contest through their promotional activities in which two of our seniors were Divyangana and Neha were the guest models. I was 17 back then I guess and went for the auditions which I could not clear. I dropped the idea and concentrated on my studies but it was in my second year of Master degree when I again thought of giving a chance to my passion.

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  • So what exactly inspired you then?

I have an inclination towards the field of modelling and acting since my childhood. It was not a sudden decision. The desire was there already. I had this streak, this passion but there was a dilemma. I come from a very strict background, a very conservative society which acted as a hindrance but soon I realised that if I leave my true passion under such pressure, I would lose my true self too. I believe that if you are good with your intentions, you don’t need to be afraid of anyone. Staying true to myself was my intention and my inspiration.

  • You auditioned back in 2012 and then in 2018, any reason for such a long gap?

I had this dream but I guess it took time for me to be more mature and true to it. I groomed myself, gained the knowledge and confidence. Now I could handle things in a better manner than I could have 6 years ago. Even my studies helped me a lot in becoming better.

  • Anyone, in particular, you would like to thank? Your inspiration?  How was your family support?

 My family, my parents. Yes! I do come from a very conservative and strict background but things fall into places when you are true to your goal, your aim. My parents have supported with all their might. I do like doing things Priyanka Sarswat HImachal Pradeshon my own and stand my ground for what I believe in. They do worry, however, that’s just their love for me, they are the happiest people when I succeed. My family has given me many opportunities to grow, they have helped me in the best possible manner.

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  • How would you explain your life so far?

I’ve always been an emotional person since my childhood, I used to think deep, feel deep, get hurt deeply, imagine deeply on everything. Sometimes or say everytime it used to become difficult for me to hold over my emotions, perhaps some incidents in my childhood had a deep impact on me emotionally and psychologically which made me like this. But somewhere it affected my personality badly. Fears, insecurities, secrets were heavier on me than my potentials. I faced almost an ‘identity crisis’ at a time, but for how long can a person be like that? I’ve never wanted to be a person with fears but I had so many (yes, I did*) But I knew my fears could never let me grow and will become the biggest hindrance in my path because to become something different, you have to be ‘fearless’ and ‘doubtless’ about yourself. Dying “confidently and positively fearless” would be better for me than be sitting with fears of the repercussions and consequences of the noble ambitions that I hold in my eyes. Each day I work to stay away from all such feelings which will make me feel less than anybody or anything else at any aspect (whosoever). Yes! It’s not that easy sometimes(honestly), but yeah it’s not that difficult too.

  • Having said that, what is next?

I am preparing for Ms India and Campus Princess. I had auditioned for the campus princess earlier but lost, not failed. I am reluctant towards my dream and always learn from my mistakes and do better than last time. This time am hoping for the best.

  • Lastly, what would your message be for the other girls preparing for the crown and for the general public?

Priyanka Sarswat Himachal PradeshFor those who are preparing for the crown, devote your time to your goal but don’t forget your studies. Manage things in a better way, learn the craft of management. Handle things maturely and overcome your obstacles with utmost perfection. How else would you handle big challenges if you won’t do small things perfectly? For others, those who are constantly struggling, its just because they are comparing themselves with others and getting demoralised. See the mirror, that’s the one you should be fighting against, be better than yesterday, there is no one else but you. Never compare yourself with others, make yourself more capable and deserving, put on the hard work and stay consistent and true to your goal.

We, at We Are Himachali, wish Priyanka Sarswat a lot of success in her future endeavours. You can follow and show her support by joining her social media by clicking here > Instagram | Facebook 

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