Kaymcee Charak : A 17 years lad from Chamba making a name in Punjabi Music industry

Sadda Swag by Swaggers featuring Kaymcee Kshiti Mohan Charak Chamba Music Director, Rapper
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Sadda Swag by Swaggers featuring Kaymcee is releasing tomorrow (17-11-2017)

Kshiti Mohan Charak who is popularly known as Kaymcee Charak is  making a name for himself and Himachal. The 17 years old musical sensation is working as music director and rapper in Punjabi Musical industry.

Born in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, Kshiti Mohan Charak has put on a lot of efforts to be where many dream to be. At such young and tender age, he has proved that he is ready to take his rightful place in the music industry.

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Soon the whole of Punjab and North India will sing the hymns of the music Kaymcee has created. Kaymcee has collaborated with the Swaggers and the duo is releasing their track named Sadda Swag  tomorrow.

Sadda Swag is sung by Swaggers ( Maninder Dhot and Namreet Sunami) and the video features Akhil Gulati and Shweta Bebo the video is produced by Yash Malethia and is directed by Suraj Kumar.

You can have a sneak peek of the video here and can also hear to the sample of music by KMC

So let’s get ready for tomorrow and witness the music of our teenager star Kaymcee.

Team we are Himachali wishes Team of Sadda swag a great success.

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