Siddharth Chauhan : A journey of a lad from Shimla to critically acclaimed director

Siddharth Chauhan Independent filmmaker from Shimla Himachal
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Siddharth Chauhan : From Peace is nowhere to Pashi: His journey in his words

Siddharth Chauhan is a well-known name among the acting circle of Himachal Pradesh. A young 25 years old director Siddharth Chauhan has been making one short film every year since 2012 and has brought laurels to himself and his state.

Born in Renuka Sirmaur, Siddharth Chauhan ‘s offbeat movies has earned critical acclaim across countries. A recipient of Golden Halo Award and Youth Achiever Award, Siddharth is ready for more. Recently his film ‘Pashi’ qualified for Oscar qualifying film festival : Rhode International Film Festival. 

Team We Are Himachali proudly presents, our conversation with Himachal’s first independent filmmaker and youngest one to produce quality content in Himachal itself: Siddharth Chauhan

Firstly for our audience, a brief introduction about yourself?

I am currently staying in Jakhu, Shimla. My father is from Dhanoti, a small village in Rohru near Tikker while my mother is from Sirmaur. I love to walk, read, imagine and write.

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You are now among best in the business in Himachal, with movies totally out of the box, how an unknown from Shimla decided to start the journey as a director? Was it your only preference?

Thank you for calling me the best in Himachal. I was always a dreamer. I loved watching films and the process of making them. It was the fascinating thing for me so I was drawn to it naturally. Yes, I prefer this above anything else in my life.

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Did you have any formal training of direction?


Did you face any constraints during your journey? What was the worst thing which you faced amid the process?

No journey is smooth. Mine was no different. Challenges are an inevitable part of any struggle. The biggest challenge in making films based in Shimla is finding and putting all the resources together. At one point of time it bothered me a lot but now I expect many challenges coming my way when I set out to make a film. I was always a dreamer

Siddharth Chauhan Independent filmmaker from Shimla Himachal

You started early, in 2012, after that you have been making one movie at a time, once a year. How would you sum up your journey so far?

Very exciting and adventurous.

With accolades showering on you, what do you feel keeps you motivated to do good work?

The belief that there is still more… that I can do and accomplish in the field of cinema. Practicing Buddhism and chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” fills my life with hope & courage.

Who all people you credit for your success?

Many filmmakers who’s films I have seen & learnt from, my parents, my lovely friends, many unknown people also but above all my mentor Dr Daisaku Ikeda who built the ‘Soka-Gakkai’ for me and for many others to experience the brilliance of our lives.

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Pashi has been a great success, what comes next?

I am developing some stories and scripts but out of all of them, I think I will be first making: KARMA which is the fast paced drama about five people from different backgrounds.

Is direction is the only thing from which you earn a living or is there any other forte as well?

I do not earn a living from direction. No one pays you for living your dream! It is quite the opposite, I end up paying for it! sometimes so much that I too wonder if it was better to just earn a living. I freelance and do part time jobs to earn and sustain myself.

As you are a public figure now, Do you miss being Sidharth Chauhan? What is Sidharth Chauhan in his life?

Being a public figure has got nothing to do with who I am. I am the same Siddharth, it’s just that people know me now for the work which I am doing. I have worked hard to earn a certain amount of recognition for my work and I don’t regret anything.

Would you like to share few words with the people who are passionate about this line?

Please dare to believe in your dreams & your infinite potential. Work hard and achieve your dreams to inspire countless others.

We wish Siddharth a brilliant future ahead and may he bring more and more laurels to his name, to Himachal and to India.

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