Sukant Pal: International faculty of Art of living

Sukant pal Himachal Pradesh
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Sukant Pal: International faculty of Art of living

Sukant Pal Chauhan is an art of living’s international faculty. Leader is the one who creates leaders and here is one example with us.

Transforming the life of thousands of individuals. A serene personality with intelligent mind and a compassionate heart. Today we are going to know a little more about this exemplary individual from Himachal Pradesh. He is an ultimate teacher and the international faculty of Art Of Living.

Art of Living is a NGO, you all must have heard about, is working for the service of humankind since last 35 years.

Let us know more about this dynamic personality,  Sukant Pal Chauhan.

Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Sukant Pal Chauhan. My vision is to spread happiness and ancient Indian wisdom to the world like Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, asanas. I have dedicated my everything, my entire life to the Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji’s vision of stress free and violence free society.

Born at Village Kyaldhar (Dochi) Malat Panchayat of Tehsil Kupvi, Shimla. I did my primary education from Malat and then DAV school Lakkar Bazaar, Shimla. I completed my matriculation and secondary education from Government school, Sanjauli and graduated from degree college Sanjauli. I also like singing and travelling. I am a karatist too and I have practiced Karate for four years.

How did you get inspired to become an art of living teacher?

My aim was to become a lecturer, I was a simple man with simple goals of life. But destiny had different plans for me. I did my first course, Happiness course, in the second year of my college, in March 1998 and it transformed my life, my vision. I had severe migraine problem and it got completely cured.

Plus, I was a shy person who could not even speak before 3-4 people and after the course, I addressed the whole auditorium. It helped me overcome my shyness, built my confidence and simply gave a new direction to my life. Since that time, it was clear in my mind that this is what I want to do.

What after the first course?

After first course, I started organizing workshops in Shimla city for a year continuously. Then I went for first ever YLTP training at International Art of Living Ashram Bangalore. After the training, I started taking Navchetna Shivirs  in different villagesof tghe state and executed YLTP’s 5H. (Health, Hygeine, Harmony in diversity, Human Values and homes for homeless people) programs in these areas. I organised hundreds of cleanliness camps, free medical camps, awareness camps of chemical free farming. I organised more than 50 residential state level YLTP (Youth Leadership Training Programmes ) in Himachal, Punjab and Haryana. Then,

In March 2004, I was blessed by Gurudev as YLTP trainer. Since then I started teaching YLTP in Himachal and other states as well. I have trained more than 20,000 youth till now.

I have executed “Yog Shiksha” project in 2009 where my team trained around 50,000 students in government schools.

Youngest Chairperson of India: Prajwal Busta

Tell us more about your journey so that our youth can get inspired.

Progressively, I become the state coordinator of Himachal. I was also member of Governmental state advisory board to Yoga and Naturopathy in 2011-2012. I also become the state teacher coordinator.

We have seen many transformations in the life of people. And it inspired us more to serve the people.

I had never thought of going to abroad and teaching there, heading the state and becoming an inspiration to many. So, everything is possible. You just have to initiate.

Would you share any incident of your early days as a teacher.

We were in Haryana, in jajjhar district area, and were taking courses there. I was a youngster, had French cut and long hair. So, one day what happened there was a large gathering of people at Red Cross Bhavan, assembled for some local function and we thought it’s a good chance to connect to a large number of people and tell them about courses. As we approached towards the place, police came to us and started inquiring about who we are and thought of us to be terrorists and wanted to see our identities.

But luckily, due to Guru grace, then DC, Shashi Gulati mam reached there who was also an AOL teacher. She made everything clear and everything went smooth and we took many courses there.

I have been the head of state for many years

Your favorite memory with guruji.

When there was a concluding ceremony of YLTP, I touched the guruji’s feet to seek blessings and he put his hand on my head and then asked me, “tumhe jeevan mein koi abhaav to nhi h?” (do you have any lack in life?) and at that time I felt so complete and since then, there is only abundance in my life.

You have taken the courses of many leaders, doctors, officials of various fields and politicians. Tell us about their experiences.

yes, we have taken the courses of various people of almost every field. Politicians, doctors, police, terrorists, almost everyone. After the course, everyone feel stress free. They share their experiences that we feel rejuvenated and stress free. We are happy and more energetic.

Presently, we conducted YLTP FOR 4000 students of ITI and Polytech students of Himachal Pradesh and around 10,000 students participated in Drug addiction awareness Campaign in technical institutions of Himachal Pradesh. Even the government recognize the importance of these workshops. This was done with directorate Technical Education Himachal Pradesh.

This training was appreciated by all institutional heads and director of Technical Education. This program brings holistic change in the overall personality of the students. They get solution for their problems which I personally feel our education system somewhere lacks Human values aspects in it and how to handle negative emotions which when channelized in positive direction brings strength otherwise if not it may bring pain and misery which finally leads to disaster in life.

Recently you were in South Africa ? How was the experience?

I took courses in the delta state of Nigeria namely Ibusa, Igbhor, warri and Ozoro. It is not easy to adjust there. You all know Africans are non-vegeterians. I survived on fruits and green vegetables for a week. But luckily, I met some people who then offered vegeterian meals and managed everything. When you go for a good cause, obstacles disappear by itself.

People were very much worried about me going there. But it was a great success; we got good response and now we are again going to Nigeria for a year and all our courses have been scheduled.


Participants had great healing after the course and their experiences were amazing. They used to sing and dance on Bhajans. They were grateful to India, Art of Living and Gurudev for conducting such transforming workshops for them. They were very happy and my aim was achieved and so I was happy.

What is your vision for Himachal Pradesh?

My vision is not only for Himachal but for the whole world to make a stress free, violence free and drug free, chemical free and corruption free by inculcating values in children and training young minds.

सुन्दर, सवच्छ, सुभद्र, सुव्यवस्थित, सुद्रढ़, सुशिक्षित, और सुरक्षित समाज

In Himachal,

We are focused on planning more and executing more YLTPs all over the state in each block and to create teachers in every Panchayat of Himachal who will execute all the programs in their respective villages and do regular follow ups and carry our social activities as per the need of their localities.

You can connect with him on Facebook by clicking here.

Thank you so much for your time. We wish you success and may Himachal be a moral state soon.

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