Zephyr : A unique all girl band from Shimla Himachal

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In talks with Zephyr : An all-girl band of girls from Bedes, representing Shimla

Zephyr means a cool, calm breeze and so is their music. In this section today, we have interviewed Zephyr, a band from Shimla. But thats not all, the most unique thing about this band is that it is an all girl band.

So without further ado, lets hear the story of three brave girls who are breaking all stereotypes, one step at a time with their band – Zephyr

  • First of all, for our audience, we would like to request you to give us a brief introduction about yourself? 

    So, we’re ‘Zephyr’ an all girls band based in Shimla, our line up is as follows: Neha Bhatia – guitarist, belongs to Shimla, Vipasha Dharmani– vocalist, belongs to Bilaspur and Angelina Patrick – guitarist , belongs to Delhi.. we all are currently studying in St.Bedes college and giving our final exams for third year.. 

  • An all girl band, that is something new and unheard of, its very rare in Indian too. Who came up with this idea?

    The idea of a band came out suddenly when I,(Neha) found out about another guitarist in college which happened to be Angelina.. so we united and just started to look for a vocalist, many people joined zephyr in the process and in the end we found Vipasha and eventually we figured out that three of us were really serious about the band.

  • What does Zephyr mean? Why this name? and who come up with it?

    Zephyr is a Greek word that means breeze or gentle wind, well music is supposed to be like the wind that flows through gently touching everybody’s hearts so therefore we decided to keep this name.

  • When not doing music, what do you do?

    Ah, when not doing music you’d generally find us hanging out together doing random crazy stuff, and yes of course studies!

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  • Any song coming soon? What genre do you focus on mostly?

    We are into alternative rock genre of music but we mostly play according to the audience .. yes, our debut original ” it’s a new day” will be releasing soon. We also keep posting covers of latest songs on our YouTube channel

  • Himachal is a small state and people seldom fails here in realising their dreams and likewise in India, people give up their dreams to fate but you continued and your journey has just started. Would you like to share your story that how this love for music dwelled and how you nurtured it with time?

    We been told a lot of times you’re not good enough and being girls is only your plus point .. well let us tell you honestly being girls or not does not matter but what matters is MUSIC.. it takes the same effort for a boy or a girl to learn music..we’re working every day on our music and we strictly believe that hard work always pays.. critics will always be there but this criticism should be considered as a reinforcement which makes you work even harder to attain your goals . Every time we encounter a critic it only motivates us to get better

  • Not being anti-feminist but girls who “get out of closet” gets a lot of obstacles here in our society, how you dodged them? Who/what were /are the inspirations which got you going? Can you name a few such people for us or narrate such incidents.

    Yes, that’s the saddest thing. There had been very difficult obstacles in our way to reaching where we are today but thankfully our families, mentors and friends helped us to overcome them. Well, there are a lot of people, to name a few firstly our parents, they have always encouraged us to maintain a balance between our studies and music .. our mentors Mr Hitesh sSharma( Groovy loops), Mr Ashish Kumar( Faith), Mr Karan (Faith) have been our guiding lights in this journey , there have been several other people who have done a lot for us and we would really like to take this opportunity and thank them from the core of our hearts

  • When are your future plans? How are you gonna make it BIG? 

    Our future plan right now is only being able to touch the hearts of people with our music

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  • Many want to be in the industry you are in, any special message for them? Especially the girls out there?

    Just follow your dreams and work hard no matter how hard it gets , remember every night has its day..




  • Do you think events nowadays do any good to people participating in them?

    Like a coin has two sides yes and no both.. yes because it’s a learning experience for the participants and no because at times these events expect the participants to spend hours and hours in rehearsals and then waiting for their turns and often there’s no other benefit except experience.. a performer needs to grow not only in experience but as well as an individual be it in terms of equipments , other requirements etc

  • Your message for the youth of the state.

    As our song title says it’s a new day , every day is new , it might bring a new obstacle or may be an old fight , there will be always people who would say you’re doing it wrong or maybe you’re not good enough and then they will always give you suggestions but you got to believe in yourself and stand up for what you believe in .. the road maybe a bit tough but you’ll eventually figure out how to attain your goals .. just have faith in yourself.

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