Answer key of HP Allied 29 April 2018

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#ANSWERKEY: HP allied Answer key 2018

#HPPSCAllied Subordinate Services Exam 29 April 2018

Question Answer

allied Answer key 2018

1 Which of the following pairs are correctly matched

Lucknow: Ahmadullah Shah

2 Ilbert Bill controveroversy occurred during the tenure of which Viceroy

Lord Rippon

3 Who wrote “Poverty and Unbritish Rule in India”

Dada Bhai Naroji

4 Who founded Satyashodhak Samaj

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule

5 Who was the leader of Ghadar Movement

Lala Hardayal

6. Out of which of the following movement which was first to take place

Swadeshi & Boycott Movement

7 Which of the following incidents marks the beginning of CDM

Dandi March

8 Who was the general secretary of first session of INC

A.O. Hume

9 Other Name of Indian Council Act of 1909

Morley-Minto Reforms

10 In which year Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre took place


11 In which year Sabarmati ashram was established by Ghandhiji


12 Name of Journal started by Ghandhiji in 1933


13 Ghandhiji launched his first Satyagraha at which place


14 Who said “I do believe that where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence

Mahatma Gandhi

15 Who was the political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi

Gopal Krishna Gokhale

16 What was harshly critisced by Mahatma Gandhi in Hind Sawraj

Parliamentry Form Of Government

17 According to Gandhi what is the relation of capita and labour


18 Whose writings made a deep influence in shaping the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi

Leo Tolstoy

19 What was the most important element of Satyagraha

Non Violence

20 When did the congress passed the abolition of untouchability resolution?

1920 (Controversial)

21. Who wrote Rajtarangni


22 Which of the following sites of IVC is located in India


23 Which of the statement is true about Buddha?

He allowed admission to Sanga without any consideration of caste

24. What is the other name of Charvaka School of Philosphy


25. Ankor wat is situated in which country


26. Who wrote Amarkosh during Gupta age


27. Who came to India from China during the reign of Harshavardhan

Hieun T-sang’s

28. Tomb of Akbar is located at


29. Adi Granth was compiled under which Guru

Guru Arjun Dev

30. Which one of the following Chola rulers got Brihadeshwar temple of Tanjore built?


31 Lowest rainfall in which desert


32. Lowest rainfall is recorded at


33. Highest annual range of temperature is recorded at


34. Hail Generally forms within

Cumulonimbus Clouds

35. Which of the following are not mammals

Mackerel and Tunny

36. Widest Continental Shelf is at

Arctic Ocean

37. Highest salinity is found at which lake

Dead Sea

38. The highest tides in the world occur in the

Gulf of Funday

39. The gulf of Papua lies in the

South Pacific Ocean

40 Which of the following is not a carnivore


41. International Tsunami Information Centre is located at:


42. Area of Indian Coastline which is vulnerable to Storm surges, Cyclones and Tsunami

5700 km

43. Chairman of NDMA

Prime Minister

44. Term Cyclone is derived from

Greek Word

45. In which months in India floods are likely to occur in India


46. Tsunamis can occur at

Any time in Day/Night

47. UNDM Team is responsible for solving problems resulting from disaster

In all continents

48. How many Indian states and UT’s are disaster prone

25 (Controversial)

49. Number of Human Lives lost due to Natural hazard in India in the year 1980-2011


50 11-3-2012 marked one year since an earthquake killed thousands of people?


51. Human Eye is most sensitive to visible light of Wavelength

5500 Angstrom

52. Velocity of light is maximum in


53. A light Year is :

Distance travelled by light in one year in vacuum

54. A Laser is source of :


55. A rear-view mirror of a car is:


56. An air bubble in water behaves as :

Divergent Lens

57. Rainbow is seen due to:


58. A Convex lens is used to correct:

Hypermetropia (Long Sightedness)

59. Objects are visible in light due to:


60. Fingerprints on paper are identified by sprinkling fluorescent powder on it and observing it under:

UV Light

61. Lightning rods are made of :


62. In an ordinary dry cell, the electrolyte is:

Ammonium Chloride

63. Power is transmitted from a powerhouse on high voltage AC because:

Its more economical due to less power wastage

64. Best Material for permanent magnet is:


65. Frequency of AC mains in India is:

50 Hz

66.Medium frequency band stands for :

300-3000 kHz

67. Approximate height of ozone layer above the ground is:

(Controversial) 59-80

68. Waves used for telecommunication are:


69. The size of an atom is of the order of:

1 Angstrom

70.The Process of superimposing signal frequency on the carrier wave is known as:


71. Which of the following has the maximum time of revolution around the sun?


72. The galaxy in which we live is:

Spiral in Shape

73.The name black hole is given because :

Its gravity is so high that it prevents even light to radiate into space

74. The wavelength of X-rays is of the order of?

1 Angstrom

75. The energy of a photon of wavelength λ is :

hc/ λ

76.One cannot see through fog because :

Light is scattered by the droplets in fog

77. Energy in a current carrying coil is stored on the form of :

Magnetic Field

78. The twinkling of stars is due to :

The fact that refracting index of the earth’s atmosphere fluctuates

79. Up to which temperature, the mercury thermometer is used for measurement?

212 degree Celsius

80. Iron needle floats on the surface of water.

Its reason is: Surface Tension

81. The male literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh in 2011 Census was about :


82. Excluding the one rupee note, whose signature is found on other Indian currency notes?

RBI Governor

83. Arrange these cities in ascending order of population as per 2011 census:


84. When was the first Finance Commission formed in India?


85. Match the Education level with unemployment rate as per census 2011:

Literate: 10.98%, Class X-XII: 14.55%, Graduate & above/Tech Degree: 14.42%

86. In which of the following years did India’s exports grow the fastest?


87. What were Indian’s GDP growth rates in the respective first and second quarters of 2017-18?

5.7 to 6.3%

88. Who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2017?


89. In Which month of 2014 was “Make in India” started?

25 Sept, 2014

90. Which Countries form BRICS?

Brazil, Russia, India, China & S. Africa

91. World population Day falls every year on:

11 July

92.Forest Research in India is under the Jurisdiction of:


93. Cauvery river water dispute is between :

Karnataka & Tamil Nadu

94. The Conservation project for which of the following species being run at Kedarnath forest of UP?

Musk Deer

95. What are the three ‘R’s for a clean environment?

Recycle, Reuse & Reduce

96. Which energy development agency has launched an ambitious programme to mobilize children as Urja Rakshak?

Gujarat Energy Dev. Agency & Gujarat Electricity Board (Controversial)

97. The Best material for absorption of ‘noise’ is:

Glass Wool

98. The Female fertility in India is targeted to a limit of:


99. Which of these represent the source and sink of river Ganga?

Gangotri & Gangasagar

100. The Famous book ‘ The Ascent of Man ‘ is written by:

Jacob Bronowski

101. Who edited the Vansavali of the Rajas of Kullu princely state?

Capt Harcourt

102. To which category do the Pathyar and Kanhiyara inscriptions of Kangra District of H.P., Containing epigraphical records, belong?

Rock Inscriptions

103. Around which century did the Thakurs and Ranas of Lahul come under the control of Chamba princely state?

Tenth or Eleventh Century

104 Which one of the Shimla Hill state is off-shot of Sirmour Princely State


105 Which Raja of Suket Made Pangna the capital of his state

Bir Sen

106 In which year Lahaul & Spiti came under British territory


107 Which of the following Shimla Hill States helped the British campaign against the Gurkhas around 1814-15 AD

Bushahar, Kehlur & Hindur

108 Who helped Raja Ghamand Chand

It was Maharaja Sansar Chand in 1781 (Wrong Question). Jai Singh was right answer

109 Which of Mughal ruler conferred Chhatrapati upon Raja Kehri Singh


110 Which Raja of Sirmour shifted capital from Rajban to Kalsi

Udit Prakash

111 Narender Mandal set up


112 Kangra Raja presumed dead and his funeral rites were performed

Hari Chand-I

113 Ancient Sage do Audumbaras trace their origin


114 Khampas are called in Chamba as

Neondi Khampas

115 Arrangement evolved by English after the Anglo Gorkha war

Khaneti & Delath

116 Which Term is used in upper Kinnaur region for narration to dead Lama


117 Who is Author of Kinner Pradesh (wrong statement)

Rahul Sanskrityayan

118 Which Lake is source of Parbati River

Man Talai

119 Total area of HP


120 % of Area of L & S in HP


121 At which place does Satluj enter HP


122 Kasol Hot Spring


123 Stream/River fed by Chander Nahan Glacier


124 Manak Parbat


125 Pass joining Kangra & Chamba


126 Narsingh Tibba


127 Nabai Devi Temple


128 Gender ratio in HP is (2011)


129 First Thakurai among Shimla Hill States to set up responsible Govt on 15 Aug 1947 (phrasing seems not right)


130 HPU came into existence in


131 Daranghati Sanctuary

Rampur Bushahr

132 Residence of A O Hume

Shimla Rothney Castle

133 Renuka fair in Sirmour begins

10 days after Diwali

134 Ajanta of Himalayas


135 Prog of HP govt was renamed as “Nikas mein Jan Sahyog”

Gaon bhi Apna Kaam Bhi Apna

136 Nikka Painter was associated with

Chamba (though he migrated from Guler)

137 Temple in Pagoda style

Hidimba Devi

138 Which dialect is spoken in Rampur Bushahr & Kotgarh


139 Who was deputy Speaker of HP Vidhan Sabha in 1952

Krishan Chander

140 I which year was HP Territorial Council converted into Legislative assembly


141 Who headed the Himalayan Prant Govt with HQ at Shimla in 1948

Shivanand Ramaul

142 What is the theme of folk-song ‘Har’ of Sirmour region & ‘Jhera’ of Bilaspur, Mandi and Kangra region


143 With which region of HP is Kayang dance associated


144 Where is the office of Chief Information Commissioner of HP at Shimla

Armsdale Building

145 At which place of Una an Art Industrial Area is developed


146 On which River is Karcham Hydropower Project


147 When was Community Development Project launched in HP


148 Who founded the Nurpur Princely State

Jhet Pal

149 With which area are ‘Gangi’ and ‘Mohna’ folk-songs related


150 Which of the following is famous for Trout Fish


151. At Which place near Shimla is Golf course?


152. Which place in Bilaspur District of HP. Is known for Herbal Garden?

Jungle Jhalera

153. Which Bank has sponsored Himachal Pradesh Gramin Bank?


154. Among the following, at which place in Mandi District of HP. Mining lease has been granted for setting up a cement plant?


155. Which Place in Shimla District is known for skiing?


156. On which issue Kinkri Devi file a PIL in the HP. High Court in 1987?

Illegal Quarrying

157. Who among the following was given HP. State level first prize for literature in 1982 for his work Pahari Chitrakala?

O C Handa

158. What was the number of nominated members in the HP. Vidhan Sabha constituted in 1967?


159. In which Vidhan Sabha Election in HP. did the BSP win a seat?


160. Who recorded the highest victory margin in the 2017 HP. Vidhan Sabha Elections?

Vinod Kumar (Nachan)

161. Who is appointed as new Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) ?

K. Sivan

162. Who is the first woman advocate whose name has been recommended by the collegium to become the judge of the Supreme Court of India?

Indu Malhotra

163. Among the following who has not been awarded Padam Vibhushan in 2017?

L K Advani

164. In April 2017 on which route a train between India and Bangladesh was flag off for trial?

Khulna (Kolkata)

165. Who was awarded Dada Saheb Phalke award at the 64th National Film Awards Function?

K. Vishwanathan

166. Among the following which woman have served as judge of Supreme Court of India ?

M Fatima Biwi, Sujat V Manohar & Gyan Sudha Mishra

167. In May 2017, on which route Chennai Metro became operational?

Thirumanglam-Nehru park

168. Before elected as President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind was Governor of which state?


169. Who is Chief Election Commissioner of India?

O P Rawat

170. Where is memorial of APJ Abdul Kalam established?

Pei Karumbu

171. Who became the first woman defence minister of India ?

Indira Gandhi

172. Who received the 2017 Jnanpith Award?

Krishna Sobti

173. Among the following who has been the Marshal of Indian Air force ?

Arjan Singh

174. Who is regarded as ‘Father of DNA’ in India?

Lalji Singh

175. Name the famous scientist who has passed in 2017?

Yash Pal, U R Rao & P M Bhargava

176. Representative of which country is elected as Secretary General of SAARC in March 2017?


177. Which Indian woman is elected as judge of International Tribunal for Laws of the Sea (ITLOS) in 2017?

Neeru Chadha

178. Who won the ‘Man Booker Prize for Fiction’ of 2017?

George Saunders

179. Who is the Prime Minister of Pakistan Today?

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

180. Who is Secretary General of UN ?

Antonio Guterres

181. How many countries are number of SAARC ?


182. In which country was 9th BRICS Summit held in 2017?


183. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017?


184. Recently which countries have announced their withdrawal from UNESCO?

USA & Israel

185. Recently leaked, “paradise papers” are related to :

Investment in secret tax havens

186. Which Indian judge has been elected to International Court of Justice (ICJ) ?

Dalbir Bhandari

187. Name the famous film personalities who passed away in 2017?

Om Puri, Vinod Khanna & Sashi Kapoor

188.Which of the following statements is correct about sports activities in 2017?

All of the above

189.Which indian women team regained Asia Cup after 13 years in 2017?


190.How many medals india won in Rio de Janeiro Olympics,2016?


191.What does article 21A of the Indian Constitution deal with?

Free & Compulsory Education to all Children aged 6 to 14 years

192.Among various types of questions asked during ‘Question Hours’in Parliament, ‘Starred Question’is related to what?

These Questions are answered orally.

193. Who is sole authority to decide, whether a bill is money bill or not?

Speaker of Lok Sabha

194. Who is known as ‘First Low Officer’ of The Govt. of India?

Attorney General

195. What exclusive power does article 312 of The Constitution of India bestowed upon Rajya Sabha?

To introduce a bill for the creation of new All India Services

196.Chapter-4 A of the Constitution deals with:

Fundamental duties

197. When was World Trade Organization established


198. Who was first Governor General of Independent india ?

Lord Mountbatten

199. Who was the Speaker of 1st Lok Sabha ?

G V Mavlanakar

200. Who elects Vice President of India ?

Members of Parliament in joint sitting

ALL THE BEST to all the aspirants.

Hope you all like this small effort made by us. This is just a small effort, For surety wait till HPPSC releases final answer key.

wearehimachali Wishes you all a great future ahead.

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