Miss Himalaya 2016 and Miss Himachal 2017 2nd Runner-up: Ayushi Sethi

Ayushi Sethi: Miss Himalaya 2016 and second runner-up of Miss Himachal 2017
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An interview with Ayushi Sethi: Miss Himalaya 2016 and second runner-up of Miss Himachal 2017

“I am no beauty queen. I am beautiful me.” This is what our Miss Himachal second runner up and the winner of Miss Himalaya 2016, Ayushi Sethi says.

And yes! We all agree that Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and most importantly, a pretty soul.
This girl is beautiful, calm, intelligent, career oriented, ambitious and a pretty soul.

Now, let us read about this girl who is beauty with brains. 🙂

Please, a lil introduction of you to our lovely readers.

My name is Ayushi Sethi. I belong to Dharamshala, Kangra and I am twenty years old. I am pursuing my BBA (2nd year) from Dharamshala college. I have won the title of Miss Himachal second runner-up and last year I was the winner of Miss Himalaya 2016. We are four members in our family; my father, mother, brother and me. My hobbies are reading, travelling, modeling, and shopping.

How did you feel when you won this title?

It was a very nice feeling. I was at the ninth cloud. It was a tough competition and everyone was very talented. It was like a dream come true for me.

Did your routine life change after this event? How?

There are many changes. People notices me, pays attention to me, actually, more attention, like mentioning Miss Himachal’s second runner up title winner. People give regards and I have been called to annual functions for judging, sometimes, as a celebrity guest, or as chief guest. It feels great!

Do you get offers for modelling shows, videos, etc.?

Yes. I get many offers but I’ve taken none because I have to prepare for my exams as I am still in the college. My first preference is to study. Modelling is not my line or this is not food for life. This is my hobby and if I got some good offer after my college then I can go for that also, but it’s not that important. I am more focused on my studies.

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Okay! So tell us what is your aim?

My aim. I wanted to be a doctor. I have done my secondary education with the medical background. But I got two marks less to meet the cut-off of merit list. I was selected for BDS but I didn’t want to do that, so, I opted BBA.

I will go for banking job and government jobs. I will also do MBA and would love to work for MNCs and I will also try for foreign companies.

we never know what God has destined for us 😉

Tell us something about your previous pageant?

I filled the form and there you are selected on the basis of form and you are rejected on the basis of your form. In that form, you have to answer the questions given. Kind of interview.

I got call and email from them. As it is held in Oct. and have four weeks of Grooming session, I went there in September.

Only 7 girls were there. And everyone, so talented and beautiful. It was a very tough competition!
Judges panel consisted of foreigners.

And every year three girls are selected for finals. At my time, only 2 girls were selected. There were many rounds and it was really hard.

Main task was to speak on a random topic given to you by them for SEVEN minutes.(got 15 minutes to think and analyse)

So, who want to participate this year. Be Ready. Ayushi will be there.

This time, you will be the first Indian judge. How does it feel?

This feels great and I am very excited for October. This competition made me responsible, the very positive change, that I observed in me. The winner is given a very big pure silver crown and it is passed on every year to the next winner. This time I will do the crowning of next Miss Himalaya.

I’ll be one of the judge and it gives me a sense of responsibility and I will look for all the qualities that a Miss Himalaya should have.
I’m very excited!!! And oh yes… The winner gets the prize money of one Lakh Rupees 😉

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

I want to be successful in whatever field I go, be it, Govt. job, Modelling, or anything. I want to live my life like a Queen and manage everything that way.

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Who is your inspiration?

My parents! They have worked hard to reach this point where we have almost everything from a mediocre status. I am on their path and believes in the power of Hard Work. They are my strength.

Ayushi, I wanted to ask you that Do you ever get angry? 😀

(laughs) That’s so sweet of you. I usually stay calm. And I prefer to stay quiet when my mood is off. I don’t like arguing and fighting. But when I get angry, I cannot even describe that level.

Will you participate in Miss India next year and what will be your preparations?

Yes. I will. I will give more attention to my diet. I will change my eating habits and I’ve started to eat healthy food. I will groom myself so that I may bring crown to our state and there would not be any lacking what was left last time.

Recently, I met with an accident and I was at bed rest for a month.

Now I am back onto the track. I hope for the best.

Anything special you want to do in your life?

I want to roam around the whole world with my parents on my own money.

Lastly, any message to our readers.

Just live your dreams. Dream big and make your dreams true. Whatever you do in your life, Do it with your heart. And whatever field you may chose, just give your 100%.

Because hard work is the key to success.

It was really nice talking to you, Ayushi. We wish you a bright future and best wishes from the team of We are Himachali. 🙂

The place where Himachal got its name: Darbar Hall

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