Cafe XOXO : 5 reason to visit Cafe XOXO while in Solan : Places to visit in Solan

Cafe XOXO Solan : Things to do in Solan Himachal Pradesh
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Cafe XOXO is unique in its own way, what makes it unique, let us know in this article

Cafe XOXO : In 10 days, Cafe XOXO will be celebrating their one year anniversary. Very popular among youth, the cafe started as a first of its kind in Solan. They don’t only cater good food but provide you much more than that. We took several trips to the cafe ourselves before writing this article. So here in our section of Things to do in Solan, we present you 5 reasons to visit Cafe XOXO while in Solan

  • The entrance itself lightens up your mood

Cafe XOXO Solan : Things to do in Solan Himachal Pradesh

As shown in the picture, the entrance has all the positive vibes in the world. The staircase grabs the people focus and put it to more positive things. Peace, bliss, love etc. a not so commonly found theme in any cafe, at least in Solan. While ascending, you can also see pictures of women around the world who left a long-lasting legacy like Princess Diana and Oprah Winfrey.

  • Delicious Food

Cafe XOXO Solan : Things to do in Solan Himachal Pradesh

What would be the point of writing this article about a cafe if it did not have good food? From veg to non-veg, their menu is vast and they even have a great variety of food items which are exclusive to them like shakes and blends. Moreover, the food quality is great which promises you even better time if you are foody or even if you are not.

  • Not just food but books, games and music 

The cafe has an abundance of books. From novels to self-help, ask and you shall receive. Cafe XOXO is first of its kind in Solan to introduce this and if you are not into books, board games from chess to snake and ladders and even some card games are in the cafe, we guess we no longer need to mention the soothing songs playing 24X7.

  • The Aura 

Cafe XOXO Solan : Things to do in Solan Himachal Pradesh

From extroverts to introverts, from foodies to talkers. Cafe XOXO has something for everyone. This small cafe is a state of art in itself and has many originally crafted designs on its wall. So whether you are into GAME OF THRONE or a fan of Steve Jobs, CAFE XOXO has taken care of your taste.

and finally,

  • This

Cafe XOXO Solan : Things to do in Solan Himachal Pradesh


Their idea of respect, accept and coexist is what makes it a place worth visiting at least once. This is our say but the audience and especially visitors have the final say.

Summing up this article on “Cafe XOXO” in “Things to do in Solan Himachal Pradesh. You can follow them on Instagram by clicking here>> CAFE XOXO

or you can get in contact at 075600 07010

You can visit the cafe from 11 am in the morning to 8 PM in the evening at Mall Road Solan near Sunder Ayaan Cinema.

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Picture credits: Instagram Page and location page of Cafe XOXO Solan.

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