Chetan Singh Bragta : An interview with IT Head of BJP Himachal Pradesh

Chetan Singh Bragta WIth Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi
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With the support of people, Bhartiya Janta Party will remain in power and make India a Five Trillion Dollar economy – Chetan Singh Bragta

Chetan Singh Bragta is the IT Head and convener of Bhartiya Janta Party Himachal Pradesh and was the social media head of Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha from 2010-18. A banker at the beginning of his career, Chetan Singh Bragta turned to politics in order to work for the people and society of the country.

Chetan Singh Bragta

In this interview, he talks about the upcoming Indian general elections of 2019, about the progress and answers some of the common questions which people had been seeking answers. So let’s talk to Chetan Singh Bragta and understand what can we expect of Bhartiya Janta party if voted into power in 2019 general elections.

Welcome Chetan ji, First of all, tell us what exactly is the job of Yuva Morcha and IT Cell?

Basically, Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha is the youth wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which founded in 1978, and its first national president was Kalraj Mishra. Now talking about its primary role, Yuva Morcha helps young & aspiring candidates to know understand politics and also guides them through various phases. Also, one of the contributions of Yuva Morcha is to reach out to people and spread awareness about the schemes implemented by the government.

Now talking about IT cell, as we know, today social media has become an ideal medium to connect with voters or party through Facebook or Twitter. So the main role that IT cell plays is the communicating & spreading awareness about various policies, or how can the people get benefit from it. For Eg: Twitter has become one of the direct medium to share thoughts or grievances. With has become easier to know what the society expects from their leads through their posts & comments.

How important is the youth participation in politics according to you?

For us, Youth is the backbone of our country. If we want our nation to progress, we need constant support from them. Youth being energetic, passionate, ethically sound, and hardworking can always contribute to a progressive nation. The youth of our country can contribute in more ways than by just contesting elections. Their tremendous contribution in areas like education and raising awareness about various social works can be of great help. Such involvement will remain as they grow older and they will have a better understanding of how the country works. Engaging youth in the political process isn’t just beneficial in the short-range, but it also important for strong political engagement in the future. It is crucial that we recognize that they are tomorrow’s leaders and guide them in the right way.

You had a promising career outside politics, what made you join politics and why you choose Bhartiya Janta Party?

Well, yes before politics I was working with the Banking industry, and I was doing quite good there. I choose politics as a career switch because I always wanted to work & serve the nation. After joining politics, I have been in a position whereby I have contributed my part in doing the best for our people. And as far as the question is of joining BJP,

Chetan Singh Bragta with Cm Of Himachal Pradesh JaiRam Thakur

I joined BJP because my personal goal aligns well with the party. The parties motto is also, “Nation First, Party Second, and Self Last” and after joining the party I have been able to serve the nation and I will continue to serve it.

Chetan Singh Bragta

General Elections are here already, many believe that no work has been done in the past 5 years and there are many others who believe the opposite. What is your take on both the opinions?

See, I believe it’s always better to have a glance at statistics that show the comparison of what was the situation prior to Modi government and how the nation has progressed in all segments, and how people are benefited in these 5 years.

In these 5 years, many Small-scale businesses have been started, 13.9 percent of Net Jobs Created in the course of the most recent 4 years at 3.3 percent per annum and EPFO information demonstrates that 72.32 lakh new subscribers were added to EPFO between September 2017 and December 2018.

LPG coverage across the nation was 55 percent in December 2014 and had increased to 93 percent (as on 8.3.2019). Ayushman Bharat has provided hospital healthcare to 10.74 crore families adding up about fifty crore beneficiaries. Rural sanitation has increased from 39 percent in 2014 to 99 percent as of today.

Also if we talk about economics and finance then, the period 2014-19 has witnessed the fastest ever growth in the GDP i.e. 7.7 as compared to 6.7 which was the GDP for the period 2009-2014. Inflation has been broadly under control, the inflation ranging to 10.1 before 2014 is now close to 2.7 percent.

Also, the schemes launched by the Modi government has benefited people tremendously. So, it would be completely unfair to say that nothing was done in the span of 5 years. The people have witnessed the difference themselves and that’s the reason why there is active participation of people in campaigns that are conducted by the BJP government.

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How do you evaluate Congress’s election manifesto?

Congress is known for their false promises, similarly in the manifesto presented recently At point No.30, on page 35, otherwise, an innocuous entry which deals with the review of laws, rules, and regulations.  It repeals Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code which defines and then punishes an accused in sedition. Even for terrorists and hardcore criminals, it underlines the principles “bail is the rule and jail is the exception.”  It strives to dilute the provisions of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). After having been spurned on various occasions to have a dialogue with the separatists, who want to settle for nothing other than termination from India, it promised to have a continuous dialogue with them.  It promises to dilute the presence of the Armed Forces in the Valley. Also, NYAY scheme would result in corruption because in the process of enrolment there would be lots of paperwork involved and the middlemen’s will enroll the names according to the commission they receive instead of actual people. Also, I believe this scheme is an alternation of BJP scheme which is already taking care of people below the poverty line. If I consider the health care sector, the Congress is only giving slogans on healthcare.  Shri Narendra Modi has implemented the Ayushman Bharat where 50 crore people get hospital treatment free.

So in my opinion, this manifesto has bogus and bluff promises with slight detailed understanding of the subjects involved.  It is an unreliable document which has never to be executed since Congress.

Many believe that GST, Demonetisation like hard steps were failures on Modi Government part, also many believe that polarisation has increased in past 5 years, secularism and freedom of expression are hindered. What’s your opinion on these?

No, No! Instead, Demonetization and GST implementation has got thumbs-up from many economists and people across the country. These significant steps by BJP have proved to be a turning point for our nation. If I talk about demonetization, it has proved to be a major step towards the reinforcement of the Indian economy.  It allowed people to deposit their money into the banking system, account for the deposits by paying taxes or otherwise. It brought a behavioral change in how India spends its money. And with GST, MSMEs are now less-dependent on tax experts when compared to the earlier regime, due to a simplified return filing system in place. Rationalization of the composition scheme and introduction of quarterly filing option for taxpayers having turnover below Rs 1.5 crores was a wise decision. Reduction of manufacturing costs due to a lower burden of taxes on the manufacturing sector.

Chetan Singh Bragta with MP Anurag Thakur

What can we expect from Bhartiya Janta Party if voted in power again?

We are very optimistic about our win in the 2019 elections and we have a very clear vision to make India a “Five Trillion Dollar economy”. We are also targeting to double the size of the economy and with the present growth rates, we are on track to achieve this. This involves a guarantee that we work for every Indian and not just for the unduly privileged families.  We imagine an India where poverty is eliminated.

Special emphasis on food processing, green energy, health care, world-class educational institutions, multiplying tourism potential, global quality infrastructure, making India a hub of electronic manufacturing, textile, and apparel, along with a special focus on organic farming and non-conventional energy. More modern cities and urban renewal will be the focus.

In the end, what message will you send to all voters of India, especially Himachal Pradesh?

First of all, I would like to thank every voter for their continuous support and trust in the party. We are working rigorously in order to provide every citizen with the best facilities and access. And with your constant support, we will remain in power and make India a Five Trillion Dollar economy. There would be reforms for Himachal Pradesh in order to improve the way in which business is carried and giving more opportunities to people in order to grow. Also, we aim at providing every family with a pucca house, water connection, toilet, and 24×7 electricity supply; increasing proportion of formally skilled labor from 5.4% of the workforce to 15%. And last but not the least we would be setting up an independent regulator for the Indian Railways.  

That was our interaction with IT Head BJP Himachal Pradesh and National Executive Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha Sh. Chetan Singh Bragta ji. We wish him and his party, Bhartiya Janata Party best for upcoming elections.

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