Gupta G : Himachali NRI couple nailing it in Australia

Gupta G Himachal Pradesh
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Gupta G channel has garnered over 4.3 million views at the time of writing this article

Gupta G, a Youtube channel run by Himachali couple, residing in Australia, never fails to make you laugh by their unique take on day to day life. Having garnered over 4.3 Million views on Youtube, they are still very unknown to the Himachali public. We got in contact with this awesome couple and asked them about their journey and how it all started.

It came out to be that the couple hails from Dharamshala in Kangra. Manish Gupta was a businessman in Mecleodganj and hails from Dharamshala and his wife Dimple, who comes from an army background, was originally from Jogindernagar in District Mandi. Dimple had been an educator and had taught in schools and institutes like Dharamshala college, Gurukul, PTU, ICFAI, Career makers etc. She was also an RJ in AIR Dharamshala.

Gupta G
Manish and Dimple

It was Manish’s decision to move to Australia and thus, in 2009, the couple got their visa and moved to Australia.

Though, it was not easy to start from scratch in Australia. Manish Gupta ( who is now popularly known as Gupta G among his circle now) started working in a bakery n garlic bread factory as a regular worker from which, seeing his efficiency, he was soon promoted to be the supervisor in the factory.

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Thereof began the real journey of working hard to achieve a better perspective along with his regular job of supervisor. He worked hard clearing his exams in Victoria Police. After a whole one year of written and other psychological and tough fitness test, he was able to make through and is now proudly serving as a Protective Service Officer in the Victorian police since last 6years.

Dimple, however, had to start her journey again from the base. She studied for two years in Australia for acquiring degrees to be able to work as an early childhood educator.

Along with their regular jobs, they established their own business as well. The couple runs a cafeteria in a busy train station and also trying their hand in a new venture of Vasari Hair n Spa (a hair and beauty salon).

“My husband was always fascinated by the internet world. We created our own channel at the beginning of this year (2018). We focused on creating family entertaining comedy clips. We started and now our family of subscribers are growing too. We feel happy to put a smile on everyone’s face by representing daily husband-wife routine in hilarious situations.” shared Dimple.

“It feels good to represent our city Dharamshala, our state Himachal Pradesh and above all our nation, India. We hope everyone will connect to our videos and will support us in our journey. We are not professionals and this channel happened randomly but now people love watching us and its growing with each passing day, all thanks to people who had supported us and we hope, our people in India will keep on supporting us.” Shared Manish.

This Melbourne based couple is blessed with two cute kids. If you have not seen or subscribed to their channel do so by clicking here > GUPTA G

You can also show your love for Gupta G by liking their facebook page by clicking here > Gupta G

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