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Tunnel No. 33- Barog Haunting Tunnel on Kalka Shimla Railway
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Barog tunnel has many stories revolving around it. Are they true? It’s for you to decide

Colonel Barog was the man after whom the Barog tunnel and station on Kalka Shimla Railway is named. But to get a station named after him, he had to die.

The tunnel number is 33 and its the longest on Kalka Shimla Rail route.

Tunnel No. 33- Barog Haunting Tunnel on Kalka Shimla Railway

Colonol Barog was assigned the task before the chief engineer of Kalka Shimla project, HS Herrington, to construct the Barog tunnel. To make the process fast, he ordered to dug from both sides, which is a common practice even now.

But with time, as they proceed, they found that no matter how much they would dig, the ends won’t meet. All calculations failed.

When British authority came to know about it, they fined him Re 1 for improperly implementing the government property. This embarrassed Colonel and he went to the tunnel and committed suicide by pulling the trigger on himself.

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Later he was buried nearby the tunnel he made, which was now nothing more than a waste and was abandoned.

After the construction of the working completed and the line was opened for everyone, the locals and many travellers spoke of sighting of his ghost in the new tunnel.

Some even tell that he is still there in the abandoned one. Both ends of abandoned tunnel are not very far from the working one. When we talked to the locals, many refrained to tell it’s whereabouts as they were concerned about our safety.

One even said that he is 40 years old and yet never set foot there, he told us that Colonel Barog is still there and talks to you when you go in that tunnel a bit.

We did go to the abandoned tunnel and we wont lie, the atmosphere was eerie compared to the working one. We did not see any ghost of Colonel Barog but yes, it do scares shit out of you.

Truth or scare, this myth is for you to decide, but for the time but do visit there, its an experience to have. You can see it’s glimpse in the video below

If you have any such experience of yours, feel free to share on the details below.

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