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Healing Himalayas foundation-Himachal Pradesh- Himalayas-Trekking-Cleaning-Drive-Himachali-Clean-Himalayas
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Healing Himalayas organization is doing what we all are supposed to do but ignore willingly, that is being a helping hand in preserving our nature, our Mother Earth.

Healing Himalayas Foundation’s exclusive interview

A man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children; who has undertaken to cherish it and do it no damage, not because he is duty-bound, but because he loves the world and loves his children…

We often talk about the growing pollution on this earth but few of us work towards its preservation and maintaining restoring its sanctity. Team We Are Himachali share its delight that it stumbled upon one such Instagram page which unveiled a group of people who are more of doers than talkers.

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Healing Himalayas foundation-Himachal Pradesh- Himalayas-Trekking-Cleaning-Drive-Himachali-Clean-HimalayasFounded by Pradeep Sangwan a couple of years ago, the healing Himalayas foundation has removed over 300 thousand Kgs of plastic from the vicinity of the mighty Himalayas. A self-sustaining NGO is working towards educating the people about the hazards of plastics and cleaning the Himalayas. A true example of selfless love towards nature and nation, Team We Are Himachali proudly presents an exclusive interview with the Healing Himalayas Foundation

Healing Himalayas, What is the mission of this organization?

Our projects are focused on conducting activities and clean up of the mess that has been accumulated on all the places primarily the Foothills of Himalayas. We organise special activities, mass clean-ups and events in the community and schools to create the awareness level of the society towards restoring the environment.

 Are you getting support from the surroundings? Is it enough? 

Yes, we are being supported by all the localities specially Mahila Mandal. They are very much concerned about waste accumulating around the villages, trek routes but demands basic resources like how and where to dispose collected garbage.

 With this movement now going on for a while, who all people are there to thank for its initial success?

Our volunteer base all around the globe is amazing because which have reached here and the initial success goes to Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, our founder Pradeep Sangwan who continued his efforts 

 What are the key responsibilities do you think people or tourist run from when they come to the Himalayas? Any message for them?

They run away from very basic responsibilities such as using a steel bottle during the trek and refill it instead of plastic bottles, taking care of their garbage generated during the trek or trip. 70% lack basic awareness and that’s exactly what we do through our ground action.

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How according to you, the situation can be mended?

By involving locals in our ground action and educating them. They shouldn’t lose the feeling of belongingness towards mountains and there surrounding. Trekkers or tourist is a floating market, hard to tap but they can be taught through Travel/adventure portals and there guides/taxi drivers. At the same time providing resources to the local community in order to dispose of there waste properly.

Healing Himalayas foundation-Himachal Pradesh- Himalayas-Trekking-Cleaning-Drive-Himachali-Clean-Himalayas

What are the most affected places in the Himalayas? What special attention do these places need?

Most of the tourist places such as Manali, Shimla and very soon Lahaul & Spiti. Although I would like to focus on trek routes such as Kheerganga, Shrikhand Mahadev and Manimahesh Yatra. These places need special attention because Kheerganga is easy to trek and every long weekend witness at least 6-7 thousand lost souls who have no idea what so ever why they trek, local communities supported them by playing loud music and eventually a Holy kund gets converted into Trance Heaven. Shrikhand and Manimahesh Yatra open for a small duration and yet witness 10k plus devotees. Although their purpose of the visit is very religious and spiritual yet they tend to leave the holy place full of plastic waste and what not in the end.

There are two approaches that can be entertained first is zero use plastic at such places in order to reduce plastic waste, the collection of garbage at one place and in the end responsibility towards your garbage.

Do authorities and state government helps you in some manner? If Yes how and is it enough? If no then what do you expect of them to fasten up this process?

We never approached, they never approached although whenever we go to electricity project to give collected garbage they always take it with a smile. Thanks to municipal council in Shimla, Kullu and Manali. If Government like, we can work as a team to solve a common problem.

What according to you are the key things people should keep in there mind while heading towards the Himalayas?

  • Submitting your plastic, electronic and metal waste to the recycling centres one you reach your city.
  • Carrying cloth bag at shopping centres specially when you are in the Himalayas 
  • Avoiding the use of straws for any kind of drinks. (This would really make a great difference) 
  • Carry your own steel bottle and refill it.
  • Be responsible towards your garbage 

Who is the person behind this organization? We would love to know about him.

Healing Himalayas foundation-Himachal Pradesh- Himalayas-Trekking-Cleaning-Drive-Himachali-Clean-Himalayas-Pradeep Sangwan-Founder
Pradeep Sangwan

Pradeep Sangwan, who hails from Haryana settled in Manali, is the man behind Healing Himalayas. Saddened by the deteriorating condition of the Himalayas burdened with plastic garbage, Mr. Pradeep Sangwan, has initiated a campaign against the increasing trash.

He has founded an NGO named Healing Himalayas Foundation that is incessantly working since past 2 years in Himachal Pradesh. The HHF team has adopted villages and have successfully abolished the practice of plastic burning in these villages.

Regular cleaning drives are also conducted in these villages as well as on the famous trekking routes.

More than 300 thousand kilograms of plastic was collected from the trekking routes of Kheerganga, Bijli Mahadev, Shrikhand Mahadev, Chandrataal Lake and Hampta Paas, in the year 2016-2017. 

His current job and hobby are to educate and motivate people for making the Himalayas a better place again and restore its sanctity. 

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Any message for the audience?

Everyone had to be equally blamed for the ecological mess of the beautiful Himalayas. Be it the tourists, locals or the government. However, this piece of heaven on earth could still be preserved. Take the charge and don’t disrupt the harmony in the Himalayas which you seek.

Team We Are Himachali Personally feels that our state, our nation and this world needs more such beautiful souls and helping hands which keep on educating and driving people towards real needs of the hour and important things. You can join this community of wonderful people by visiting them on their facebook page by clicking HERE 

Don’t forget to visit their website to see their amazing work by clicking here.

and in case if you wish to donate to the cause ( which we prefer you should) you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

 Kudos to Team Healing Himalayas Foundation and their founder Pradeep Sangwan for their efforts. We wish them all the success in future too.

Want to share your story with the world? Want to volunteer from your area? Don’t worry, you can always contact us on wearehimachali@gmail.com or drop a WhatsApp message on 9882837038.

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