HPAS TEST SERIES – Sample paper (Mini) – June 10th 2017

HPAS sampal paper 2017
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Team we are Himachali presents to it’s reader the daily questions on HPGK from HPAS ( Himachal Pradesh Administrative services 2017) Prep.

Go through them and see how much you got right.

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1 Dun and sproon valley is in district
A Solan
B Mandi
C Kinnaur
D Sirmour
Answer Solan

2 Faag fair is celebrated in
A Rampur Bushaher
B Udaipur
C Chitkul
D Kaiylong
Answer Rampur Bushaher

3 Gaiyte theatre opened in
A 1858
B 1887
C 1888
D 1889
Answer 1887

4 Who was the main engineer of Kalka Shimla railway line
A T Blaze
B H S Haringston
C Major Keneddy
D Sir John Lawrence
Answer H S Haringston

5 HRTC Was established in year
A 1971
B 1972
C 1973
D 1974
Answer 1974

6″Chakli” in ancient time Famous coin of
A Kullu
B Sirmour
C Chamba
D Kangra
Answer Chamba

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7 “Himalayan circuit” book written by
A G D Khosla
B Dr Y S parmar
C A F Hatticot
D L C Parthi
Answer G D Khosla

8 The old name of kangra is
A Nagarcot
B Bheemcot
C Dagarcot
D None of these
Answer Bheemkot

9 Eco tourism park is ready at
A Naldera
B Parwano
C Kufri
D Solan
Answer Naldera

10 Lakshmi narayan temple is made by
A Meru Verman
B Sahil Verman
C Yuzankar Verman
D Aditya Verman
Answer Sahil Verman

11 Dulchi pass is in
A Kullu
B Mandi
C Kinnaur
D Sirmour
Answer Kullu

12 Silver is found in kinnaur in
A Chitkul
B Bhabha
C Chaargaah
D Nichhar
Answer Chaargaah

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13 Who discovered Kalka Shimla railway line  by using stick ?
A Bhalku Ram
B Jamlu nath
C Palku ram
D Chindi ram
Answer Bhalku Ram

14 Gumma cricket stadium is in
A Dharamshala
B Shimla
C Solan
D Sirmour
Answer Shimla

15 Sansarchand attacked Bilaspur in
A 1782
B 1795
C 1765
D 1788
Answer 1795

16 Hangrang valley is in
A Kullu
B Kinnaur
C Sirmour
D lahaul Spiti
Answer Kinnaur

17 Total number of sub divisions as per 2011 census in Himachal
A 52
B 54
C 56
D 58
Answer 52

18 Sansarchand died in year
A 1820
B 1822
C 1823
D 1826
Answer 1823

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19 Who was the First governor of Himachal Pradesh
A S Chakravarti
B NC mehta
C Jaiwant ram
D E Pendermal moon
Answer S Chakravarti

20 Total number of towns in Himachal as per 2011 census
A 58
B 59
C 60
D 61
Answer 59

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