HPAS TEST SERIES – Sample paper (Mini) – June 5th 2017

HPAS sampal paper 2017
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Team we are Himachali presents to it’s reader the daily questions on HPGK from HPAS ( Himachal Pradesh Administrative services 2017) Prep.

Go through them and see how much you got right.

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Q. 1. Fulaich fair celebrated in which district?
A. Shimla
B. Kinnaur
C. Chamba
D. Lahaul & Spiti
Answer Kinnaur

Q. 2 Fag Fair is celebrated in which month? 
A. March
B. April
C. May
D. February
Answer February

Q. 3 Kullu Dusshehra is celebrated at what level ?
A. District Level
B. State Level
C. International Level
D. National Level
Answer International level

Q. 4 Lavi fair of Rampur is famous for
A. People
B. Local Lords
C. Business
D. None of them
Answer Buisness

Q. 5 ‘Pudag Mela’ is celebrated in which place of Shimla District ?
A. Theog
B. Rohru
C. Jubbal
D. Kothkhai
Answer Kothkhai

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Q. 6. ‘Baba Badbhag Singh mela’ is celebrated in which district
A. Una
B. Shimla
C. Kullu
D. Bilaspur
Answer Una

Q. 6. Biggest fair of South-Eastern region Himachal Pradesh is
A. Holi Fair
B. Shri Renuka Ji Mela
C. JwalaMukhi Mela
D. Minjar Mela
Answer Shri Renuka Ji mela

Q. 7 Which is the Oldest Fair of Himachal Pradesh
A. Minjar Fair
B. Mahunag Fair
C. Rohru Fair
D. Lavi Fair Rampur
Answer Lavi Fair Rampur

Q. 8 Munjra Dance is famous in which district ?
A. Kullu and Shimla
B. Shimla and Sirmar
C. Shimla and Lahaul spiti
D. Chamba and Kinnaur
Answer Shimla and Sirmour

Q. 9 Famous Jhanjhar Dance belongs to which district ?
A. Shimla
B. Kullu
C. Chamba
D. Solan
Answer Chamba

Q. 10. Himachal dance ‘Thoda’ is a
A. Lord Dance
B. War Dance
C. Slow dance
D. None of them
Answer War Dance

Q.11 Karthi dance belongs to which district ?
A. Shimla
B. kullu
C. Chamba
D. mandi
Answer Kullu

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12 Habban valley is in
A Kinnaur
B Sirmour
C kullu
D lahaul Spiti
Answer Sirmour

13 Solang Valley is in
A Manali
B Spiti
C Nirmand
D Sundernagar
Answer Manali

14 Which mountain range separate Spiti and Kinnaur from Tibet
A Dhauladhar range
B Shivalik Range
C Zanskar range
D Pir Pangal range
Answer Zanskar range

15 lug valley is in
A Kullu
B Mandi
C Kinnaur
D Sirmour
Answer Kullu

16 Dhankar lake is in district
A lahaul spiti
B Mandi
C kullu
D Kinnaur
Answer Lahaul Spiti

17 Gadasaru and Mahakali lake is in district
A Chamba
B Mandi
D Sirmour
Answer Chamba

18 Bijli mahadev is situated on bank of river
A Beas
B Sataluj
C Yamuna
D Ravi
Answer Beas

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19 Kumarwah lake is in district
A Kullu
B Mandi
C Kinnaur
D Sirmour
Answer Mandi

20 Yunam c lake is in district
A Kullu
B Mandi
C lahaul Spiti
D Sirmour
Answer Lahaul Spiti

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