HPAS TEST SERIES – Sample paper (Mini) – June 24th 2017

HPAS sampal paper 2017
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Team we are Himachali presents to it’s reader the daily questions on HPGK from HPAS ( Himachal Pradesh Administrative services 2017) Prep.

Go through them and see how much you got right.

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1 Himachal state tourism body to ink pact with
A Kerala
B Tamilanadu
C Sikkim
D Nagaland

Answer kerala

2 Herbal garden in Hamirpur set up at
A Neri
B Bhota
C Bhoranj

Answer Neri

3 Trout angling championship held in
A Bilaspur
B Kullu
C Shimla
D Hamirpur

Answer Kullu

4 First white lime Stone cement plant set up in
A Kangra
B Mandi
C Shimla
D Sirmaur

Answer Sirmaur

5 Forest department develop biodiversity park in
A Kangra
B Kinnaur
C Kullu
D Mandi

Answer Kullu

6 Himachal state’s first cashless RLA OFFICE open in
A Una
B Mandi
C Shimla
D Hamirpur

Answer Hamirpur

7 Helipad to come up in Chamba district at
A Salooni
B Paangi
C Brahampur
D Bharmour

Answer Salooni

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8 Jhangi thopan Project is on river
A Sataluj
B Beas
C Ravi
D Cheenab

Answer Sataluj

9 Wrestling centre will open in
A Nurpur
B Jawali
C Nagrota
D Palampur

Answer Nurpur

10 Waste treatment plant to come up near
A kala amb
B Badu sahib
C kandaghaat
D Chail chowk

Answer Kala Amb


11 ATM service started by which bank in india
C Canara Bank
D Kitak mahindra

Answer ICICI

12 The theosophy of Annie basant is not popular among
A Tamil brahmin
B Tamil Rajput
C Tamil Dalit
D Tamil vashye

Answer Tamil brahmin
13 How many people were killed in Jaliawala bagh
A 359
B 369
C 379
D 389

Answer 379

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14 National Judicial Academy building is located in
A Bhopal
B Dehradun
C Jamshedpur
D kolkata

Answer Bhopal

15 Tilak’s Home league was formed on
A 1913
B 1914
C 1915
D 1916

Answer 1916

16 Who is newly appointment chief of RAW
A Ram lal bhagata
B Anil Dhaswana
C Raj nath Sharma
D Brij mohan verma

Answer Anil Dhaswana

17 The headquarter of IMF Is in
A Geneva
B Washington DC
C The hauge
D New york

Answer Washington DC

18 Salargunj museum is in
A Hyderabad
B Delhi
C Kolkata
D Mumbai

Answer Hyderabad

19 TSong Po lake is in
A Arunachal Pradesh
B Sikkim
C Nagaland
D Himachal Pradesh

Answer Sikkim

20 Diabetes is caused by malfunctioning of
A Pancreatic glands
B liver
C Excretory glands
D lymphocytes

Answer Pancreatic glands

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