Humanity or Religion OR Humanity and Religion

religion- maryam siddiqui
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Humanity is our religion

what is a religion? what is humanity?
Keeping it simple, I would say that every religion teaches the kindness and humanity. According to me, Religion is the synonym of Humanity. And those who don’t understand this are ignorant about the real meaning of life.

There is a symbol known as ‘yin-yang’ in Chinese philosophy. Yin and Yang, these two are opposite yet complimentary energies. They cannot exist without each other.



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In this world, every thing has two aspects: negative and positive; now it depends on us what we want to see.As it is said, Keep your energy positive and you attract positive and the same for the negative.

“Jaisa nazariya, waise nazaare”

Some people will always look for the negative. I am sharing a story related to this.

There was a hunter who bought an amazing bird dog. This one-of-a-kind dog could walk on water. The hunter was looking forward to showing off his new acquisition to his friends. He invited a friend to go duck hunting. After some time, they shot a few ducks and the man ordered his dog to fetch the birds. All day long, the dog ran on water to retrieve the birds. The owner was expecting his friend to comment or compliment him about this amazing dog, but never got one. As they were returning home, he asked his friend if he had noticed anything unusual about his dog. The friend replied,”Yes, in fact, I did notice something unusual. Your dog cannot swim.

Looking for the positive in everything doesn’t mean overlooking faults. Being a positive thinker does not mean that you have to accept everything. It just means that a person is solution focused.

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Now, you all know the DALAI LAMA, the 14th Dalai lama, Tenzin Gyatso, in an interview, he has been asked that after the terrorist attack in Paris you said, ” There are days when I think it would be better if there were no religions!” What did you mean?

dalai lama
Dalai Lama replied, “The knowledge and the practice of religion has of course been helpful, but today this is no longer enough, as examples from all over the world show more and more clearly. This is true of all religions, including Christianity and Buddhism. Wars have been waged in the name of religion, “holy wars” even. Religions have been and still are frequently intolerant.

This is why I say that in the 21st century we need a new ethic that transcends all religions. Far more crucial than religion is our elementary human spirituality.

It is a predisposition towards love, kindness, and affection that we all have within us, whatever religion we belong to. In my view, people can do without religion, but they cannot do without their inner values, without ethics.”

YES! Ethics are more important than Religions.

Most of us know about Maryam siddiqui, at an age of 12-year, she won the Gita Champions League contest for explaining the teachings of the scripture in the best possible manner returned her prize money, the sum of Rs 11 lakh to the Uttar Pradesh government so that they could use the money for the “betterment of children in need”
I saw this video yesterday and that’s why I wrote this article.

I just loved the video. Do watch and share this beautiful message.If every person thinks this way, the world will become a Heaven 🙂


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