Jasaurgarh Gompa : Forgotten Monasteries Of Chamba

Jasaurgarh-Chamba-Bhanodi-Gompa-MOnastery- Himachal Pradesh
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Jusaurgarh Gompa monasteries are located in Churah valley of Chamba Himachal Pradesh. A place which is least discovered even by best of travellers.

Chamba is a land of mysteries. This small area has many undiscovered and unexplored area. Himachal, though known as one of the best tourist sites in India, it’s called unforgettable Himachal, have many such sites like the one we are talking about today, it’s one of the rare found Monasteries in Chamba Himachal Pradesh.

The gompa is located in Jasaurgarh Village, 25 km NE from Kalhel on the Chamba Pangi State Highway towards Sach Pass. A single link road leads straight to the Jasaurgarh Village where from a kuchha road takes you to the gompa.

Jasaurgarh-Chamba-Bhanodi-Gompa-MOnastery- Himachal Pradesh

A half an hour walk from the road takes you to the gompa, which looks like a typical Lahaul Village gompa in appearance.

the walls of the gompa are painted green, a newly constructed combo roof of aluminium and slate, and wooden frames used in places for supporting the roof. The gompa is in fact just a little room. A new building has been constructed alongside the gompa, which has a couple of guest quarters. The sole attendant of the gompa lives in one of those quarters.

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Samten Choling gompa belongs to the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism and it has a collection of ancient Thangkas pinned to its fading walls. Some of the thangkas have been shifted to Bhanodi Gompa in the Churah Valley itself.

There are three main idols placed in the monastery. The leftmost idol is of Amitabha (the God of Infinite Light) while the rightmost idol is of Rinpoche Padamsambhava. The central idol is of Avalokiteswara. All these idols are gradually deteriorating and the beautiful thangkas share the same fate.

Monasteries-Avalokiteswara-Jasaurgarh-Chamba-Bhanodi-Gompa-MOnastery- Himachal Pradesh

Chetin Dorje, the attendant of the monastery came here at an age of 15 and considers it his home. Though this place is something which every traveller should have on his itinerary yet just a few of them have discovered it and even fewer ever been here.

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