Lalit Singh : The man behind The Pahadi Project

Lalit Singh The Pahadi Project Himachal Pradesh
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Lalit Singh one of the first interview taken in 2016

Lalit Singh : The Pahari project, when we read so, on our screens, we believe that this is some new Natti with some better visuals but never in a thousand years we would have considered a Pahari-English fusion. Well someone made this unimaginable thing true and we all are loving it.Lalit Singh The Pahadi Project Himachal Pradesh

Today in our “Talents and Achievers” section we are presenting you all an interview of Lalit Singh whose song “Dhattu” from “The Pahari project” is garnering a lot of accolades and appreciation, especially among all Paharis. On June 24th 2016, he released the video of the song which was shot mostly in the hills of Shimla and the city beautiful Chandigarh and dedicated it to everyone who is away from their homes. in a single day, the video garnered over 6000 views and the count is still on.

Today, here he shares with us his part of the story,  here for our audience, we have Mr Lalit Singh, the man behind “The Pahari Project

  • First of all, for our audience, we would like to request you to give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Hello everyone, My name is Lalit Singh. I am from Shimla. My father belongs to Delhi and my mom belongs to Kotgarh but I was born and raised in Shimla and I still live in Shimla. I have completed my high school from HMHS Sanjauli.  Currently, I’m in Pune doing my college and my sound engg course. I am a singer, producer, lyricist, sound engg. Currently, I’m doing The Pahari Project and I’m planning to release some of my Hindi, English songs also beside the Pahari Project.

  • What exactly is “The Pahari Project”. What is your vision launching this?

I wanted to express my love for my family and my hometown and the best way to do it was through music.  This was my first reason to start a project like this. The culture and ambience of Himachal Pradesh are in my soul. On the other hand, I was always attracted to western music. So I thought I should try to reinvent the music scene in Himachal. Then I started making music which had influences from both western and Pahari music. So yeah, that was when I decided to fuse Pahari culture with modern music. And the result is “THE PAHARI PROJECT

  • “Dhatu” is garnering a lot of fan base. Are you happy about it? What are the upcoming songs of the project?

Yes, I am really happy by this massive support people are giving to my song. Feels good! And ya currently I have two songs lined up after this.

  1. Tantra (which is about the devotion of Lord Shiva. This track will take you in a trance and will make you feel the power of Shiv. )
  2. Manali (Manali is actually a beautiful place in Himachal, and the song is about… let’s leave it there)
  • Had being musician/ singer been always your aim? What music means to you.

It’s not my aim. it’s never been that way. Music is like a religion for me. I explore, learn through music. It makes me feel free. So yea I will not say that music is my aim.. it is just something that makes me feel happy and I want to do for my life.

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  • “Dhattu” is a first of its kind song with Pahari and English fusion. Where did you conceive this idea? And as we can see that this Pahari –English fusion experiment is received well by the audience, so shall we expect more of it in future?

As I told you before, I was always attracted to western music. So I thought I should try to reinvent the music scene in Himachal. Then I started making music which had influences from both western and Pahari music. So yea I’m just trying to make a new kind of music for the Pahari audience and hopefully, it will go great. And ya the other songs are also fused.. see when I say fusion it’s not only musical. Fusion can be lyrical too. So ya all the track’s in The Pahari Project will be fusion. Like in My next song Tantra I’m fusing Hindi with Pahari lyrically and in the music, I’m fusing psychedelic trap with the folk flavour.

  • We like, many others don’t believe in overnight success. Everyone has their share of struggle, would you mind sharing your story with us, it might inspire someone.

I’m doing music from the past 5 years. I started singing in a group with a fellow singer first. We recorded some songs and that’s when it all started. I was very bad at singing, I trained myself for almost 3 years. I used to lock Lalit Singh The Pahadi Project Himachal Pradeshmyself in a room and practice for endless hours. Then I also started producing music from scratch. Taught me to play the guitar and composing music. Back then I used to Travel 9 to 10 km by walking to record a song.. this situation really motivated me to do some work for Himachali music industry. We have a lot of talent in Himachal but we lack in giving them a platform. So hopefully I’m trying my bit to raise the music scene in Himachal by The Pahari Project. And in future, I will try my best to provide that platform to the young talent which we didn’t have back then.

  • Who do you credit for your success?

My Mom, My hometown and all the memories I have with both of them.

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  • Your message for our audience and young ones who wants to be in this field.

Okay, guys, I know this seems tough to live a musicians life but trust me there’s ain’t a perfect life than this. If you have some dreams don’t give up on them. Only you can help yourself, nobody else will. So get up and run.. and keep on running until you defeat your fears.

With these words, we had concluded the interview with Lalit Singh- the man behind The Pahari Project. We wish him all the success for his future projects and hope he keeps on innovating the music and inspiring the young buds in the field of music.

Before signing off, here we share the link to “Dhattu”


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