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LVY Anshu HImachal Pradesh
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Lvy Anshu has made a name for himself by turning a real-life conversation into viral song: “Janu tusan galat han” but he is more than just this: An interview with hardworking and self motivated Lvy Anshu

Lvy Anshu hit virality when he released his first single “Janu tussan galat han” which was based on a real-life viral conversation of a couple. But there is another side of the man. He has released ( at the time of writing this article) two songs named “Apna Himachal” and “Jai Himachal” which represents the beauty of Himachal Pradesh in a very beautiful lyrical manner. Another song he released was “Online Rakhdi” which is an emotional account of a brother asking his sister to post his rakhi online as he would not be able to be home.

Jai Himachal is the only song which is sung in Hindi, all other are in Pahari dialect. So, we were inclined to talk to someone who is working for the promotion of culture and language of Himachal Pradesh at such a young age. Team We Are Himachali Presents to you, an interview with Lvy Anshu.

  • First of all, for our audience, we would like you to give us a brief introduction about yourself?
Hi it’s my pleasure to talk to you guys. For those who don’t know me, my name is “Lvy Anshu” and I am the Singer Lvy Anshu Himachal Pradeshof “Janu Tusan Galat Han, Apna Himachal, Jai Himachal, Online Rakhdi & Pahadi Valentine Songs”. I am 23 and i belong to the village near Chintpurni Distt. Kangra called “Chlali” but I live here in Mohali. I have done mechanical engineering and recently I have completed my masters in Chandigarh.
  • Himachal is a small state and people seldom fails here in realizing dreams of the young generation and likewise in India, people give up their dreams to fate but you continued and your journey has just started. Would you like to share your story that how this love for music dwelled and how you nurtured it with time?
My mom used to write devotional songs (Bhajans). I noticed how she makes this effective connection in between the rhyming words and how does she composes them. Every mother is the first teacher of her child. She is my biggest inspiration. I got inspired and started writing Punjabi lyrics. During school time I used to participate in group songs. And now this year I have started writing Pahadi songs and they are being well appreciated. I just want to say that a person should never give up. Only we are here to make our dreams reach their peak because our dreams are our’s, no one else’s.

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  • Janu Tusan Galat Han and Apna Himachal are both big hits? How do you feel now?
These both were the only songs I had no expectations with but all the impossibilities turned in to possibilities by the blessings of the goddess “Bagalamukhi Ji” and by the love, support & warmly sprinkled blessings of Himachali People at the same time. I really feel blessed because a better connection has been created with the people through these songs.
  • What is your special recipe which gets you connected with your audience?
I keep observing all the time, what is going on in people’s real life. I observe the situations and feelings of the people with their daily routine. Only on the basis of it, I prepare my lyrics which, fortunately, touches everyone’s heart. I always try to add Western and Urban music with Pahari language so that both the flavours could be blended to get into the trend. I do all this because our new generation is very fond of it. I always keep the interest of youngsters in my mind.
  • How could modern Himachal film/music industry be revolutionized?
Firstly there must be some movie theatres in Himachal Pradesh as other Cities like Chandigarh etc. I think this thing is needed to be improved soon so that Pahari Songs and its culture can be boosted up in a better way. Secondly- In the functions and stage shows organized in HP, Punjabi singers are invited offering them a hefty amount. This is the reason real talent and tradition is lacking. Himachali artists lose their golden chance in their own state. Although Shri Prem Kumar Dhoomal Ji did a promise in award function to invite only Himachali artists to Minjar and all other Himachali fairs. This could be the much-needed transformation. 
  • If not a singer, what would Lvy Anshu be?
Music is my hobby, not profession. Music has its own worth and it keeps flowing in my veins day and night. This is the best way to experience an immense pleasure for me. Whenever I get bored or feel lonely I just go for music. Don’t know why and how it happened but it happens automatically. I take much more interest in writing than singing. If I would not be a singer, definitely I would be a lyricist.
Lvy Anshu Himachal Pradesh
  • Rarely an artist gets so much love in Himachal But you are getting a lot of love from people? How do you feel about it?
The biggest reward for an artist is appreciation. Two beautiful words of love are enough for an artist than any other thing. Himachali people are so cute and loving that if you do a little for them, in return they offer you with multiple of it by their selfless heart. Surely, this is the only reason I sang four Himachali songs and all four attained so much of love.
  • What are your hobbies or passion, other than singing?
Lvy Anshu : I take much interest in lyrics writing, concept writing, playing musical instruments and much more.

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  • Any song coming soon? What genre do you focus on mostly?
Yes, a song on drug awareness and a Romantic song is coming soon. I do what makes me feel special, comfortable, constructive. And not a specific genre is there. My first song “Janu Tusan Galat Han” was Beat Song, second “Pahadi Valentine” was Urban, third “Apna Himachal” song was folk-flavoured and the fourth “Online Rakhdi” was Sad Song and “Jai Himachal” was a devotional song and next one will be on drug awareness. So overall I’m trying to cover all the segments in Pahari language.
  • When are your future plans? How are you gonna make it BIG?
Usually, when I do anything with planning, it proves to be unsuccessful always. My all songs are made without any planning and these all are single night creation, without any planning. The reason behind certain unplanned work is the creativity of an individual which seems so far away from our sight. Me and my music director “Beat Boi Deep” made two Himachali songs with full planning but still, they remained there the in studio. About big hit, one of my self-written Punjabi song is going to be released under the banner of T-Series on 28th of October. Punjabi famous singer Gurpreet Chattha has given his wonderful voice and My brother “Beat Boi Deep” has given the melodious music to this song. Gurpeet’s Punjabi song “Chaddi na chaddi na sajjna Sanu tera Sahara e” was a big hit.
  • Your message for the youth of the state?
Never depend on anyone to fulfill your dreams. Everything that takes place in your life is only by putting your own efforts to it, not by living in the world of fantasy. Be yourself, find yourself, preserve yourself for something real. If you don’t find a good facility of music in HP, don’t be still to your dreams. You all have Jio connection, all have smartphones. Go on YouTube and learn what you want or have the desire of. I am not talking about music only but for every field, every profession you are interested in, you can apply this for yourself. All your need is dedication, self confidence and trust on God.

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Lvy Anshu’s written song Kalli, performed by Gurpreet Chattha and music by Beat Boi Deep has released today on 28th of October 2018 on T- Series Apna Punjab Youtube channel. You can see it’s official video here

Team We Are Himachali Wishes Lvy Anshu best for his future endeavours.

You can connect to him on his social media profiles here by clicking these links FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE

[PS: This interview was originally conducted by Saurav Ahluwalia for We Are Himachali]

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