MANUJ WALIA: “Dil se kabhi Himachal nikla hi nahin”

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MANUJ WALIA: “Dil se kabhi Himachal nikla hi nahin”

Manuj Walia, a well established actor from Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Manuj Walia is passionate about acting and loves acting …..only. He is a very polite and positive and helpful person. He says that acting is very colorful and I am lucky that I’m an actor. Let’s know more about him.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Manuj Walia is my name. And Solan is my birthplace. I did my schooling from Sunny Hours (lovely school it was) and then I went to Geeta Adarsh.
My father is a Businessman. We are doing business in food industry for more than 80 years. & I was never interested.
But Yes! watching TV used to make me happy.

Manuj Walia sir, Your Childhood memory.

I used to love watching dance, action, fighting scenes etc over the TV.
I am a big fan of Dharmendra ji since Childhood.
and yes! I remember, I used to ask my mom that how to go inside this Television, her reply to me was, ” pehle dudh ka glass p, fir btaungi”

When did you find that you want to be an actor.

When I was in school, I participated in almost every competition. I’ve always loved the stage, to perform on the stage. And studies. Please don’t even ask. I was more interested in doing the activities related to act, dance and such stuff.

I was deeply connected to the Television.

I used to participate in every function and teachers did always appreciate me. I participated in plays and I was bold and never hesitated to perform.

Acting. Firstly, our families don’t prefer such careers and secondly I was not handsome; I think so 😉

In the first year of my graduation, I participated in the modelling competition and I won that. Other students also appreciated me and it brought a confidence in me.

I asked my family and the answer was NO.

Manuj walia - wearehimachali

We have a business related to food industry and my father wanted me to be in this only and he took me to a HM institute. (I have no interest in Business)

I had to agree but luckily, my percentage was less than the eligibility criteria required there. Then he said it can be fixed through approach or friend’s help.

Now, Destiny. My name is written wrong in 10+2 marksheet ( its written as Manju 😀 )

and so you can’t be admitted to Government college and I was very happy.

I came to Mumbai. I did not know anything about Mumbai. There was a fear, ” Kahin galat panga to nahin le liya”


Tell us about your initial days.

I was 21, came from Himachal and had low confidence at that time. I could not manage to speak properly in English. I was unable to express myself. I got demotivated.

It continued for more than one or two months.

I had no friend here in Mumbai. and I thought if I returned, How will I face my family, my relatives and my friends?

Then A Miracle happened exactly two and a half months after being in Mumbai. I got a project, ‘UPA govt. show’

That was the day and now I’m busy in shooting continuously. Its been 9 years here.

I know you have acted in many TV serials and movies. Could you name some for our readers.

I did lot of commercials, such as, TVS, Uninor, Samsung, Godrej, Vodafone, Tata Tea, Good Day Biscuits, Clean and Clear Shampoo etc. On Mother’s Day, I did an advertisement with Axis Bank Mutual Funds. Serials such as Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali, Madhubala, Mahima Shani dev ki, Savdhan India, Devon k dev Mahadev etc. I have done a Chhatisgarh movie as a lead “Feron ka fer”, Love Exchange in 2015, Chudail story in 2016 and Ramkrishna Paramhans.

Tell us about your short movie in Himachal “Machis hai Kya?”

I did it coz i liked the concept. it was a good story and had a message. We learnt from it that society teaches us lots of things and we should take care of it. It is an anti-suicide movie.

Manuj walia -MACHIS HAI KYA- wearehimachaliAfter this movie Manuj Walia got many offers but he neglected all because of the scripts.

You are a singer too. You I saw it somewhere.

I am not a singer. I am an actor who can sing. Yes I sung a Himachali folk song.
“DIL se Himachal kbhi nikla hi nahin <3 ”

It was being produced on music channels Bollywood Hungama, also on Artist cloud and it was available for ringtones on Airtel.

Tell us about the Off screen Manuj and On screen Manuj.

My social life is my personal life. Kaam ki Duniya hai, kaam karte jaao.

We play different roles but we too live in a normal way. I am same at home, at here and anywhere.

How will you justify that acting is the best.

We get to play different roles. Today, I am hero and the next day, I can be a villain. Being an actor I would say that it gives you a deep understanding of life. You understand the essence and emotion of every relation; Brother, Husband or some other. Its a colourful life. and everyone does love colors. It entertains people as well as it makes them aware of the happenings and give them a message about various aspects of life.

Your future plan/plans?

I am soon going to open an academy in Solan. It will prepare them for Level Mumbai.

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Your inspiration.

Dharmendra ji, Amitabh had come here for the shooting of the movie Black. and I was very excited to see him and when I saw him; I was overwhelmed. My eyes were filled with tears and even today when I meet senior artists who are my inspirations, I get overwhelmed.
and obviously, My family.
My town is proud of me. Solan. and my family is proud of me. I am happy.

What do you do in the free time?

I watch videos of acting on YouTube, listen to songs, Mostly I stay at my place and sometimes I go to beach and plan there how to grow and learn more.

I focus on how to bring variations in acting and analyses my performances of the past.. and I play video-games. When I am in Himachal, I keep on trekking, visiting places and wandering around. I enjoy a lot there.

I have completed 8 years here and I have gone to Disco twice. I don’t like it.

Acting ko jeeta hun, Acting ko peeta hun.

You mimic? Right?

I left to mimic in school. I wanted to stay original. I learn from all the actors; that how it should be done and some times I learn how it should not be done 😉

Message to youngsters who want to be in this field.

Looks, body works but talent is the main and the most important thing.
“Talent Chalta Hai Or Kuch Nahin”

Experience is good but talent is more important. so I advice all to groom your talents, your skills.

Its an Austerity and Patience is must.

I still go crazy for acting ( passion )

In the last, few words for our readers.

Do what you can do for your family. and we all are one family. we have one religion i.e. Humanity. Be a good human being.
Every person gives happiness.
Kisi k aane se khush milti hai or kisi k jane se . Now it depends on you which person you want to be.

You chose.

Sir, Thank you for your time.

Thank you WeAreHimachali.

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