Encourage young girls to be independent and self sufficient : Marisha Kaul

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Exclusive interview with Marisha Kaul : Gladrags Mrs. India North 2017

A Studious being, a topper student, a scholarship bearer, a doctor & a loving family.What more could one possibly ask for but Dr. Marisha Kaul did not stop with just this. She had bigger dreams and she dared to follow them. Crowned as Gladrags Mrs India North 2017, Dr. Marisha Kaul is perfect example of beauty with brains. marisha-kaul-mrs-india-north-2017

A native of Kullu, she has brought Kullu and Himachal a great name and pride after her win. Here is an exclusive interview with the winner of Gladrags Mrs India North 2017 – Marisha Kaul

Tell us about your background. Where you come from and who all are in your family, your educational qualifications and other achievement.

Marisha Kaul :I am an orthodontist by profession. Have done my graduation as well as post graduation from government dental college Shimla. Have done my 11 th and 12 th from a reputed school – DPS RK Puram New Delhi. .My husband Dr Nagender Chauhan is a Prosthodontist. My father Dr Sumedh Kaul is a Gyanaecologist and mother Dr Gita Kaul is also a doctor.My sister Ishita kaul has done M. phil in psychology. My father in law Mr. Pushpender Chauhan is a retired principal and zoology teacher and my mother in law Mrs. Shashi Chauhan is a housewife.

 Mrs. India north, a big accomplishment, how does it feel to be crowned with such prestigious title? Who were the judges, what new experiences you had after winning the crown


Marisha Kaul : Feels amazing to be crowned with the title of Gladrags Mrs India North . 


Its a very prestigious title indeed marisha-kaul-mrs-india-north-2017and being crowned by the Mrs Maureen Wadia – 

the first woman in India to organize such contests was one of the best experiences of my life.Feel really honoured and blessed.The judges of the contest were the players of IPL team Kings XI Punjab – Glenn Maxwell(captain of the team, Shaun Marsh ( Australian cricketers) and Matt Henry(New Zealand cricketer). I was recently also invited as a guest of honor for the Indian travel awards and the India cargo awards where I along with the Education Revenue, & Parliamentary Affairs minister of Gujarat-Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama felicitated the best in the cargo and travel Industry.

Did you have any past experience of modelling? Were you fascinated towards the field? What inspired you to run for the title?

I had no previous experience of modelling other than winning Miss Govt Dental College in Shimla and participating in fashion shows in school and college, it was a surreal experience for me.Yes I was fascinated by the world of glamour but had never thought that I would win the title the moment I won it. The desire to do something new and challenging and I would say a little push from friends and family really inspired me to participate in the pageant.

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A beauty with brains, you are already been labeled that, what will be your message for the girls who are looking forward to participate in such beauty pageant.

 I basically feel a woman should never stop believing in herself and can do wonders and overcome all the challenges if she dares to dream .Moreover a woman should never feel that she can no longer fulfill her dreams and aspirations after she gets married .Also beauty contests are not just about how beautiful you look but also how beautiful your thoughts are.

Who all are your inspiration? And why?

My inspiration are all those women who have broken stereotypes, who have spoken against the patriarchal system of society,who have followed their dreams in spite of all challenges,who have turned their weaknesses into strengths and all those women who have made a mark in their respective fields and never backed down.

After winning this title, what responsibility do you feel towards the society. How has your life changed.marisha-kaul-mrs-india-north-2017

This title has made me more aware of my role as a citizen of this country.Besides that it has provided me a platform to voice my opinion so I feel can play a major role in promoting awareness regarding issues related to women specially education and health of the girl child .Women in rural areas specifically need to be made aware of their rights and to be educated regarding the importance of educating the girl child and also speaking up against issues like abuse be it physical or mental.After winning the title I feel more responsible and wish to bring about a positive change in our society and play a major role in creating an environment where all women are treated equal to men and where issues related to women are no longer a cause of worry.

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Can you tell us about your favorite incident during this conquest?

My favourite incident during the contest was of course the moment when my name was announced as the Winner and when Mrs Maureen Wadia who is the president of Gladrags and has given so many talented people like John Abraham , Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta , Lisa Ray, Dino Morea etc to the Hindi film industry, crowned me. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Five years down the line I see myself as a person who has made a very positive impact on the society.. someone who people admire , follow and respect …a successful person professionally .. and at peace with myself mentally.

What in Himachal do you think needs to be changed in order to produce better performers. Have you felt or experienced any setback during your journey?

marisha kaul

I feel young girls in some rural areas of Himachal are just made to believe that their ultimate aim in life is to get married .They are not allowed to complete their education and are married off at a very young age. It’s high time we encourage our young girls to complete their education, be independent and self sufficient, to follow their dreams and achieve their goals in life. How can we progress as a nation if are girls are still uneducated?

Finally, any words for our viewers?

I would say life is short make the most out of it. Keep the environment around you clean,help the needy ,most importantly empower women since women ,and girls are the most potentially capable untapped resource on the face of the earth.Play your role however little it may be in fulfilling your responsibility towards the society for creating a better nation and hence a better world .Lastly I would end with a famous quote i firmly believe in -“BE THE CHANGE U WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD “

With dreams in her eyes and better plans for Himachal Pradesh Dr. Marisha Kaul is ready for a new journey in her life. She is also a perfect example for all the girls and women who thinks that their passion ends after their marriage. Team WeAreHimachali wishes her best of future to Dr. Marisha Kaul.

If you wish to connect to her, you can follow her on her facebook page by CLICKING HERE 

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