Meenakshi Sanghi: Art of Living faculty & Himachal’s YLTP Coordinator

Meenakshi Sanghi HImachal Pradesh
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Meenakshi Sanghi: Art of Living faculty & Himachal’s YLTP Coordinator

Meenakshi Sanghi is the combination of love and compassion with fun and concern. The only aim of her life is to serve; serve for the betterment of an individual, to serve the nation and to serve the humanity.

She is the state coordinator of YLTP, Youth Leadership Training Programme. Coordinator of Himachal YLTP.

Her story is quite inspiring and a must know.

She told us that she was a very shy as a child,in her teenage. She was not able to take decisions for herself. But then as she told when art of living’s Sudershan Kriya introduced into her life, her life changed magically.

she told us that after doing Kriya all the impressions of childhood, memory blockages got washed away after her first course. She started Navchetnas in the local villages. These programmes are basically designed by Art of Living to make villages developed and the people of villages aware and healthy.

She continued her journey in AOL and become an AOL teacher.

her father like every father told her to get a government job.

She has even worked in her own school. 5 people started a school and they taught there for two years.

she loved teaching as teaching individuals builds nation but she find that the better way to teach people to empower nation is through art of living.

she has done…….but she didn’t get against her father. as her father wanted her to be a government employee, she cleared….. and become a lecturer of…. in….

so she thought of marrying AOL volunteer and she did it and left her job after the marriage and became a full time AOL teacher.

Now she has taught thousands of people, and her reward of teaching is the happy faces of people and the transformation in them.

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