An inspirational tale of hardwork of Miss Himachal 2017: Shaweta Sharma

Shaweta sharma miss himachal 2017
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In conversation with Miss Himachal 2017 : Shaweta Sharma

This stunning beauty from Una not only won the coveted crown but conquered the hearts as well. Her honesty and hard work is pretty impressive. She believes that you attract what you think.

Exclusive interview of Miss Himachal 2017 where she talks about her journey and her future plans.

Thanks for your time, we request you to give a brief introduction to our readers.

My name is Shaweta Sharma. My hometown is Una, Himachal Pradesh and currently, I live in Delhi. I belong to a middle class family. I am working as a Quality Analyst at Gcell technologies Gurgaon for Adobe. I am a complete family person. I love spending time with my family and enjoy travelling and listening to songs.

How does it feel to win the Miss Himachal 2017 pageant?

It feels great, great and great. Now, people expect that you will go into modelling and Bollywood industry. But these pageants are not only about the modelling  but your personality and attitude. I don’t want people to judge as they expect you to be someone else. I want to carry my own personality. I am focused on my job and my goals.

What was the first thought that came to your mind when they announced your name as the winner?

Actually, I cried. I cried a lot. I became very emotional at that moment. When I was in Top 6, I didn’t want to lose it. I wanted it and yes! I got it. It was like a dream turning into reality.

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Did you expect that win?

I expected that win when I was selected to top 6 and answered the question. But before that, I was perplexed because the competition was very tough. I gave my best, and that’s it.

How your family and friends reacted to your victory?

They all knew how mad I was. I lost 10 kg for it. They were very happy. I can’t express their happiness in words. My whole family was there at the finale of Miss Himachal and it was an overwhelming moment for everyone. My Grandpa was very proud. Everyone was happy. Now my parents introduces me like she is the Miss Himachal and it really feels good to be the proud of them, my family.

How was your experience during the pageant?

All the contestants were very nice. I felt bad when I didn’t win any subtitles but other girls always boosted my confidence. All girls were positive and it was overall a good experience.

How was the bonding with other girls during the stay of one week? made any friends?

I made very good friends. We all were there for the same title, with same motive. So that was the common thing among all of us which made it easy to connect. We enjoyed it. All were good.

Who was your biggest competition?

All were strong contenders. Everyone had some qualities. Everyone was good. Anyone could have won that competition.

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What do you think were the judges looking at while deciding the winners?

I think the judges see your personality and attitude. They notice how you carry yourself; cat walk is important but you have to carry yourself with attitude and grace. They wanted a winner who is ‘beauty with the brains’. Beauty is in personality and your attitude towards life and situations.

Did you always want to participate & win this pageant?

YES. I participated in 2015 for the first time but didn’t get selected. Then, again in 2016 but I didn’t lose hope and you can see the results in 2017.
such an inspiration!

What’s next? after 5 years?

I am concentrating on my job.
I request people that if someone wins a beauty pageant, do not expect them to be a model or get into this media line or Bollywood. They carry their own personality; its their personal choice what they want to be.
After five years, I want to see myself as a businesswoman.

Have you received any offers?

YES!I am not much into this but if I find something suitable, I’ll go for it.
Nowadays I have my braces on. 😀

Your inspiration?

My FATHER. He is a very nice person and I want to be like him.

Lastly, any message to all the aspiring girls who dream of being Miss Himachal?

Carry your own personality. Don’t think you are less than anyone. You are equally deserving; give your Best. Be open to learning and adaptable to any situation.
Follow your dreams and education! education is very important.

We Are Himachali wishes the best for your future.

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Stay tuned to meet the first runner up and second runner up of Miss Himachal 2017.

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  1. Your hard work and effort have paid off! A success well deserved.
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