Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrating Motherhood

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Motherhood : A celebration for women, a blessing for everyone : Mother

So, today is the Mother’s day, the second Sunday of may.
And Today most people will be posting pictures with their mothers on social media as a gesture of their gratitude.
Mothers day 2017

yes! mother is the one who teaches us, inspires us, empowers us, loves us more than she loves anything; the love of a mother is not easy to define in words.
amm so here we are going to talk about mother and motherhood.
Our Ideas of Motherhood come from our mothers and very often they are the standard by which we judge ourselves as mothers based on several ideas. One have to become a mother to realise that there is no single truth about motherhood. There are various truths, according to the way one see it; one had to find it out on their own.

There is more cant surrounding motherhood than any other subject, except perhaps Romantic Love. Thankfully, good writers go past the cant and the stereotypes. And therefore, literature gives us all kinds of mothers. While men have a tendency to canonise their mothers (as reflected in Charles Dicken’s writing)- the good mother picture. Women are more practical and matter-of-fact about motherhood. Motherhood as an abstraction, motherhood in general, is sanctified. It is possible that the sanctity of this relationship comes from the awe of creation.

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what about Individual mothers?
Are all mother-child relationships beautiful, are all mothers as loving, protecting and supporting as we expect them to be? And what about unwed one?

I think of Kunti in the Mahabharata and Hetty Sorrel in George Eliot’s Adam Bede, two women, girls really, separated by time, space and cultures, frightened, who try to get rid of their babies. Does the mother who is put on a pedestal then have, necessarily, to be a married woman?
“It is in maternity that a woman fulfils her physiological destiny; her whole organic structure is adapted for the perpetuation of the species.”

But we are not entirely children of Nature: we are social, civilised beings. We are thinking, feeling creatures, differing in this from all other animals. And, so there are all kind of mothers: loving mothers and unfeeling ones, kind mothers and cruel ones, protective mothers and possessive ones. The final truth is that we bring our selves into all our relationships.
There is no such thing as The Mother-there is a woman who, at some point of time, becomes a mother.
A mother is born when a woman gives birth to a child. She does not change, except for the qualities that this new relationship brings out in her, which are confined to that relationship alone.

There is no doubt that for most of us motherhood is a unique experience; age makes no difference.whatever their ages, mother and child remain mother and child.
To love and be loved are the deepest desires of human beings. Only in this relationship of woman and child, do we experience such a range of emotions; there is no other as long lasting as this one.
In fact, there is nothing like it.
 We at We Are Himachali wishes you all a Very Happy Mothers Day.
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