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Nikita Gupta’s debut book ” We Are Imperfectly Perfect” will be out soon.

Solan in Himachal Pradesh is a mesmerising place. Not just technically advanced but well planned too. Amid the hustle and bustle of the city, only few could find peace and time to do things they love. We are sharing one such story today. A story of a 15 years old story teller girl who nailed it with her writing skills on social media and now all set with the release of her first book “We are imperfectly perfect” – Nikita Gupta.

Thanks for talking to us Nikita, firstly, we would request you to introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Nikita Gupta. I hail from a small town, Solan in Himachal Pradesh. I come from a family with a business background. I basically am a regular 15 years old who has got an amazingly supportive family. I aspire to become a well-known author and fashion designer.

“We Are imperfectly perfect”, tell us about this book. What kind of story is it?

“We are imperfectly perfect” is a romance fiction. The story revolves around two people Samaria and Sidhant, who were classmates before but after 9 years they meet again and fall in love. This wasn’t enough when family issues enter their lives and circumstances play hoax with their lives by pulling them away. The story has much more drama, twists, romance and Lolita complex than it sounds here! So, smile with them, cry with them, blush with them, frown with them, experience being in love with them!

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Was penning a book always a dream or you got inspiration from somewhere?

Penning a book was a dream until I decided to write it down on wattpad. I also got inspiration from many authors but it was only because of the platform I got through wattpad and the much wanted and never-ending support from my parents that made it possible.

At such young age, when most of the students of your age look for masti and fun, you took a tedious task of writing. How was your journey?

The journey wasn’t easy at all. Managing studies and writing at some point created a kind of pressure that I was about to give up but the zeal in me that resurfaced again in me by a push from my parents and from my readers made me pen it down with a new enthusiasm. This 1-year journey of writing but wasn’t easy at all but what can I say? It’s completely worth it.

Will this journey continue? Will you write more such books in future?

Yes! I have already written the blurb of the next book and plot is also set. This is going to another amazing journey!

What are your expectations from the book?

I am expecting positive reviews from the ones who read it. The Nikita Gupta, Book, We Are Imperfectly perfect, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, Authormain purpose of writing this book was getting a self-satisfaction and after getting that my only expectation is that it leaves one completely euphoric.

Any special names to thank who inspired you into this?

Mr. Vinay Gupta (my father), Mrs Ruchi Gupta (my mother), Mr Kulbhushan Gupta (my grandfather) and Mrs Asha Gupta (my grandma).

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I see myself as a well-known author in the next 5 years who has made Solan proud, Himachal Pradesh proud and India proud!

Explain yourself in 5 words.

 Happy go lucky, creative, talented, generous, determined

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Any message for the people who would be reading this interview?

 I would like to say that always think positive, everything around you is happening for a reason so live in the moment, smile more, help more and follow your dreams with your family, your city and our country in mind.

Thanks for giving you time Nikita, We wish you all the success in near future.

Thanks for having me 🙂

With a determined mind, Nitika Gupta is ready to bring laurels to the city of Solan and state of Himachal Pradesh. Her book is available for pre-ordering now and you can pre-order one by clicking HERE 

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For more such stories and talents of Himachal, Stay tuned 🙂

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