Nitesh A.K.A Nick :Story of one of the first Pahadi Rapper from Himachal Pradesh

Nitesh A.K.A Nick
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Nitesh A.K.A Nick was one of the first rappers to rap in Pahadi. An interview with the young an upcoming talent rooted in Hills of Himachal Pradesh

Nitesh A.K.A Nick is a familiar name in the circles of Pahadi Hip-hop. A young talent who started with Pahadi trap in 2016 has crossed over 30 thousand Youtube subscribers and have garnered over 2.5 million views, All organic. So let’s take a dive into the man behind this all who we fondly call Nitesh A.K.A Nick. Here is an interview with the up and coming talent.

  • So, first of all, we would love to have a brief introduction. Nitesh A.K.A Nick

I am Nitesh AKA Nick from the beautiful hill state of Himachal Pradesh and basically from Rampur. I am 23, a full-time artist and currently reside in Chandigarh. I have always been very fond of writing lyrics and songs, basically raps but started my journey as a rapper in February of 2016 with Pahadi Trap and I have not looked back since. 

  • What motivated you towards rapping? Especially using Pahadi Slangs in your raps?

Nitesh A.K.A Nick : I used to listen to many international artists, I loved the art form and wanted to experiment something. That experiment when released as Pahadi trap was loved by people. Talking about Pahadi touch and slangs, well slangs are used to get connected in a better way with my Pahadi folks, it’s my tribute to my people and my Pahadi touch is my tribute to my Dadi ji, she was really close to me and is no more.

  • You recently hit 30,000 subscribers on YouTube. How do you feel?

Nitesh A.K.A Nick :I have spent countless sleepless nights for this. In the beginning, no one supported but I did not give up and kept on grinding. Steadily support and appreciation grew. It feels good to have 30K but now I am on to my next target of 100K.

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  • How was the journey?

Nitesh A.K.A Nick :It was a thriller, to say the least. Many people left and many new friends were made. A lot has been learnt. I always believe in staying positive. It is good to see people growing and overwhelming to see the love of whole Himachal Pradesh. Finally, I wish to fulfill all my dreams so that I can fulfill all the dreams of my parents, my family.

  • What is your vision whenever you pen down a song or make a video of it?

It is more about the things I am going through, my personal experience which reflects in my raps. What can be more inspirational then life and experience?

  • You have many collaborations and you have even done creative stuff as Amit Badhana Rap. Can you shed some light on it?

I try doing creative things. You see the song Pahari gang is one of my most loved songs not because it was sung by me but it belongs to every Himachali, every Pahadi. I love performing and listening to natti(s) and try my level best to merge and fuse them with the modern hip-hop music.

  • Who are the other artists from Himachal Pradesh whose art you appreciate?
Nitesh A.K.A Nick
Young Nick with his Grandmother

Lalit Singh, he is good with his craft. We both even worked together in past.

  • You dropped Pahadi Cheeta recently(which garnered 5000 organic views by the time this article was written in less than 20 hours) when is your next single is dropping? Can you share its concept?

My next song is one which is very close to my heart. Its all about my journey till now and obstacles I faced, be that family issues, friends getting apart, break up and many other things which made me toil myself harder. Everything is factual in it no fiction or bragging. It will take around 2-3 weeks before release.

  • Any dream that you have seen after debuting in this field?

Currently, I just want to work hard to get 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Else, I just wanna travel to keep learning and performing.


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  • How your life has changed ever since you gained popularity?

It feels great. Messages keep on poping. Love comes from everywhere, from social media to text messages. I am getting invitations to perform in different venues. My parent support has grown and they feel proud of me. What more could one ask for?

  • What about organizers in Himachal? Do they support?

A lot! Though the pahadi rap scene is yet to flourish fully but still am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given.

  • Any message for your fans and other budding artists of the state.

For Fans: I want to thank all of you to be the best fans one could wish for. No matter how far this rap game takes me , I will always remain true to myself and will never forget where I come from. I will never forget those who helped me to get where I am today and will continue to strive and make you all proud, That’s a promise.

For aspiring artists: When you start growing, haters grow too but focus on your work. Work hard and keep on growing. Let’s all artist of Himachal Grow together. Peace

We wish Nitesh A.K.A Nick a very best for his future endeavors and for those of you who have not subscribed his youtube channel here is a videoabove and finally you can follow him on social media Links are given below, click on them.

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