Pahadiye Always Rocks : Perhaps the best Entertaining page from Himachal

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Pahadiye Always rocks have the honor to to be the fastest growing page of Himachal Pradesh.

Pahadiye Always rocks!! Yeah ! We all will feel proud hearing this as we all come from this heaven called Himachal Pradesh. But today we are not talking about the things or propaganda, we are talking about a facebook page which is making every Himachali or I must say Pahadi go Rofl!

The page is Pahadiye Always rocks and you can go to the page by clicking here : PAHADIYE ALWAYS ROCKS  

As for now, we present to you, in Entertainment section few posts by this very comic and entertaining page.


Because no matter what, we never forget our roots and culture 

Our common habit and we always forget one necessary thing

You know what it means 😉

Our food is healthy, as our culture 


We might listen to English music but Pahari Natti, it’s incomparable…

Our girls are pretty and this is a universally known FACT!!

We are hardworking and still never frustrate … because we belong to Himachal 🙂 Feel proud 


No Caption needed …What they called trekking is a regular practice to us 😉

A place where men is not fearless

What is an apple good for? 😀

and apple are good for one more thing 😀 This page not only provides you with beautiful facts and pictures from Himachal but also give you a daily dose of entertainment. So fell free to like, follow and share the page and feel proud to be a pahadi and Himachali. Because Himachal Pradesh is our land and we are thankful to God for everything He has given us.

Here is the link of the page again


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